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Sweet case lira

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"Sweet case lira " one word, result from the Xiangbala in Tibetan classics is regnal, on the phylogeny that teachs in Cang Chuanfo, serve as continuously firstly " clean king " highest state and be alluded extensively, in contemporary vocabulary it is " Eden, Utopia, a haven of peace, Utopian " pronominal. According to storing classics record, its conceal in the depth of Qinghai-Tibet Platean a certain secret place, whole kingdom by encircle of double deck snow mountain, by 8 leaf that become lotus the area of shape is comprised, the snow mountain is the same as annulus that towers aloft in the center of, kalaba is called first palace, there is regnal top leader inside palace. Fokelore is the wise man that has highest wisdom in medium sweet case lira, their figure is tall, have elements, the local have the aid of that still cannot see from people up to now passes a kind at the civilization that develops highly the name is " the navel of the ground " secret passageway and world undertake communicate and be contactinged, and firmly ground is dominating the world. In fact long-term since, this " the navel of the ground " mysterious passageway, become the key that seeks sweet case lira as the only way that reachs kingdom of sweet case lira all the time.
In the lection that teachs vast and numerous in Cang Chuanfo, we can see defend dimly cling to those who pull kingdom is brilliant, she not only create and dictate the world, it is to amount to the reincarnation ground that bilks lama and Panchen at the same time, and over there or mine of the snow mountain in a natural scenery, glacier, gorge, forest, meadow, laky, gold and pure airy collect ground of a gathering of things or people, it is the United States, Anacreontic, peacefully, all mankinds such as idle ease, content with one's lot, halcyon, harmony's best and ideal a home to return to, there is poverty over there, without pinch, without the disease, without animosity and death, spend constant boiled water only constant green, crops always is waiting to reap, sweet fruit always is hanged in branch. because have these, "Sweet case lira " fabulous, just attracting the believer pilgrim of two hundred and seventy-six million four hundred and forty-seven thousand two hundred and thirty-two like the mystery, also attracting the explorer of western world.
Inferior meaning of fourth Tibet language is " the ground of exposed to the sun " . Scene area core is alive bound buddhism eleventh of the rank in 24 bethel 3 rely on advocate snow mountain. "The bethel that belongs to accumulate virtue of god of face of consecrate of all living creatures " . 3 rely on advocate 3 Xue Feng that snow mountain stands erect for tripartite confrontation, boreal peak celestial being is day, meaning for Guan Shiyin Bodhisattva, beneficent and serene, sweet and gentle, altitude 6032 meters, the city that it is paddy the first height; Peak center strides brave south, meaning for article different Bodhisattva, dignified and gentle and quiet, pure and noble, altitude 5958 meters; Much auspicious of Nuo of Dong Feng summer, meaning for Bodhisattva of King Kong hand, brilliant firm intense, alight, altitude 5958 meters. 3 Xue Feng are shown " article " glyph, all round Xue Feng group peak forest stands, greatly small in all more than 30, 1000 appearance 100 condition, very beautiful and grand.
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