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Area of Asia-Pacific of couplet of rare Er Du Chan is optimal hotel brand and th

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" daily economy news " learned recently, one is in complete Asia-Pacific area about hotel brand the most extensive investigation, be aimed at brand of more than 50 hotels, face business affairs frequenter, undertake inclusive to reach the investigation on the net to show face-to-face, the platoon is in Hilton optimal brand a list of names posted up head, other and ordinal will ascend for triumphant Yue, happy event, Ji Mohao of hotel of sweet case lira, holiday. Be in China, 5 first are hotel of sweet case lira, Hilton, holiday, triumphant Yue, Ji Jinjiang.

As we have learned, this investigation that organizes by company of British BDRC market research calls in in all 1, 450 effective questionnaire, suffer the person that visit to all be personage of travel of Asia-Pacific region business affairs, among them 300 people come from China, average age is 38 years old, 81% for the male, singapore, Japan and Thailand are them most the area outside the area that haunt visits, hotel room charge is 87 dollars on average every night. Hilton hotel group continues to hold a title ascend " Asia-Pacific area is optimal hotel brand a list of names posted up head " , be chosen the 4th times to be continuously " Asia-Pacific area is the most welcome hotel " , personage of travel of Chinese business affairs pauses rare Er hotel platoon is in the 2nd.

In addition, this investigation still shows, the frequency that browse and utilization rate are Hilton's website highest, of near 1/5 suffer visit a public figure, ever browsed a website one year in the past; Suffer in every 16 in the person that visit, one ever booked a room in this website. Be in China, the browsing frequency of the website ranks Hilton the 3rd, and the rate that book a room takes the first place together with sweet case lira.

According to Hilton KoosKlein of president of division of hotel group Asia-Pacific expresses, future in 10 years, in Asia-Pacific the area will add 300 hotels, basically center in China and India. "15 our Xierdupin in expanding the plan includes to prepare card hotel, reach through farsighted rich (what division of heart volition bank falls is additional kind of investment team) the joint ventures that comprises with Chinese vessel Asia-Pacific, in China the area develops and management exceeds 25 Xierdujia mattress hotel, welcome different estate guest. " KoosKlein says so.

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