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International hotel industry takes an active part in Beijing Olympic Games

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The golden week just passed, royal old hotel greeted Beijing the first internationally hotel industry distinguished gathering, the photograph of elite of nearly 200 management that comes from the country such as England, France, United States, Switzerland, Spain gets together, how to answer 2008 the arrival of Beijing Olympic Games make strategy delibrate and answer measure.

Meet this launching an unit is Chinese travel society and university of Swiss case Lyons. Student of graduate of case Lyons college travels in the world hotel and the position that the hotel taught industry respect to win enjoy high and command universal respect, the graduate of this school demands exceeds supply every year, the favour of the big company that looks with rich name by world top class public house, and spread all over each industries, be like: Trading company and bank, advisory firm, IT company, in a lot of world-renowned organizations, be like: World tennis association, world football association, world bicycle association and each macrocosm are famous hotel administration high level hold the position of important post.

To strengthen industry of the hotel between international the talent's cohesive affinity is mixed the flow of person with ability of government of facilitating high end, case Lyons university falls in the proposal of association of Chinese hotel trade, initiate established alumni association of home of case Lyons university, be in " high quality service, efficient operation " in making a pledge, present alumnus member Populars feeling ran high, be in especially around the country, prepare for war below the great topological features of the Olympic Games, they are right service China Olympic Games, for Beijing Olympic Games added colour to grace 2008 confident.

The United States is stationed in China Mr Liu Zilong says official of diplomatic mission business affairs: Prepare for war with all one's strength in Chinese government Beijing Olympic Games during, this grand meeting that Chinese hotel guild and university of Swiss case Lyons hold, the attention of industry of the hotel between watch palpability international to Chinese Olympic Games expects with what participate in, the meaning is different from common. The Daniel gentleman of British London says, china is the country with the rapiddest development on the world, hotel industry of China also the change quickly of reforming and opening as China, we work very gladly to China, ground of special also honor participates in China to the hotel of the Olympic Games serves and welcome the job.