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One evening of Milan of settle of hotel of first 7 stars 4000 euro

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Happy benefit of Sijia of soup a person of extraordinary powers (the sightseeing old hotel of TownHouseGalleria) , be located in dimension of market of boutique of a sector of an area of Milanese downtown diamond to hold arcade of Yi Man button in the palm, just opened business this year in April, room size arrives from 25 square metre 1500 square metre, the equipment inside uses newest science and technology, can bathe to watch TV of liquid crystal of 42 inches of broadbands at the same time at the same time in the bathroom repeatedly.
The price since room cost 800 euro, maximum price night 4000 euro.
Even if is such, theory costly, enlighten the Arabia tower that do obeisance to is not defeated by it absolutely, how does it take 7 bits after all, does the face have He Mingtang here?
Close service is to win out crucial
Although comment in succession, be proud 7 stars of the person still are hanged up, to cease conflict, aiouerfei of appraisal company spokesman expresses, than hardware, 5 stars old hotel basically about the same, but what this Milanese old hotel offerred other hotel place to do not have is careful the key that if closer and hair, considerate service is,wins out. For all that, with respect to all circles reaction looks, the first standing of world still is drawn interrogation, enlighten the Arabia tower restaurant that do obeisance to still is the 7 stars hotel in world mental view.
Selection standard
Guest room group handles affairs efficiency client feels impression
Hotel according to normal procedure, occupy to SGS(above all saying is whole world reliability highest, history the longest, company reviewing object lesson that has authority most) give a requisition of appraisal of 7 stars class, this company sends professional personage to head for accommodation inside a few months.
Evaluate plan cent to begin from the instant that orders hotel, handle affairs besides guest room group efficiency, sensory impression of the client is standards of grading. After be being entered, this evaluation begins to undertake routine works, according to method of general hotel assess one by one mark, hotel of 7 stars class is on project of 113 examine and verify, must achieve 570 minutes.
Relevant link enlighten do obeisance to caique hotel
Caique hotel is located in United Arab Emirates the 2nd big city enlighten do obeisance to city, because hotel facilities is honest too exorbitant class, exceed the level of 5 stars class far, people is forced to call it 7 stars class, nevertheless this level is approbated without authoritative appraisal orgnaization.
The hotel of 7 stars class with the building highest height that this hotel is the only on the world, built 1994, among them only crust and the cost that write the sea are as high as 1.1 billion dollar, whole public house contains 26 tons of gold, many meters 300 tall, in all 27. It has 202 houses, all be double entry. Of the least room lodge everyday cost is 1500 dollars, and of presidential flatlet lodge everyday cost is as high as 20 thousand much dollar.
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