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Hyatt Place of triumphant Yue hotel uses IGoogle technology

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HyattPlace of hotel of card of inferior of division of group of triumphant Yue hotel announces to roll out hotel industry first individuation webpage, its enable IGoogle technology to offer a hotel to provide the content of posture buy. This is hotel brand examine relevant local online content immediately for client implementation first, assistance is provided during the hotel stays for them.
Now, all guests of network of use HyattPlace free Wi-Fi, all can receive Google service instantly when login, examine the content of specific hotel azimuth, include:

- situation of local weather, transportation, date and time;

- this hotel the azimuth on Google map and drive guideline

- the small tool that provides by and Google email Gmail? ;

- the RSS news with Google the most welcome part subscribes to, include, " now the United States " travel column, " character " the sports channel of magazine and Colombian Broadcasting Corporation.

The guest is OK still in applying oneself small tool or miniature website program conformity to personalized page, such they can receive the very practical content in daily life repeatedly instantly. To offer more advantage, the client receives a webpage to still include what file or boarding check print in the guideline of channel of TV of a hotel, printer that provides freely in the hotel to use a method, and the complete menu that 24 hours of dining-room supply food.

"Hotel room experience already evolved ceaselessly- - offer a technology no longer enough, now is the daily routine that should understand a guest how to use technical him government, "AlisonKal of vice president of mart of triumphant Yue group expresses, "When we develop HyattPlace brand, we know very well all area in every hotel offer reliable content freely to receive special key, but that is the first pace only. We hope to ensure people can get pertinent information instantly, we are accordingly integrated IGoogle technology- - the outstanding product that it is the world's lead technology company, the purpose is to be a guest to provide the content that they want in journey. "

"No matter be in personally He Fang- - in the home, in the office or journey, the user hopes to be able to get information immediately, "GooglePartnerProducts controller DanStickel says, "Use custom-built the IGoogle webpage that change, what HyattPlace hotel guest can enjoy Google to search in a few seconds after login is simple and quick, get the information that they seek regularly at the same time, be like schedule of local weather, airliner,

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