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Guesthouse of Jingdezhen beneficial friend

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The hotel is located in the mart with Jingdezhen city the most flourishing porcelain the road in bead hill 42, adjacent relies on big market of Jingdezhen pottery and porcelain.
Beneficial friend guesthouse is restaurant of concerning foreign affairs or foreign nationals of travel of stage of a SamSung, hotel building is 9 tall, complementary building is 4 tall, guest room of mutual guest room 75 / set, the area between costly bid 24 smooth rice. Guesthouse environment is beautiful, static, building is taken in be troubled by luxurious, equipment advanced, service is high-class, it is the ground that the ideal of business affairs and travel sight-seer stays. Hall of guest room of archives of all ready, service form a complete set, high school, dining-room, coffee, congress discusses hotel management project pool of room of card of antechamber of room, honoured guest, chess, fishing, hairdressing beautifies hair 24 hours of center, business affairs center, central air conditioning, elevator, hot water, phone direct dial.

Practice decorated a building 2004 1997 9 tall complementary building is 4 tall guest room 75 / set
Hotel address: Jiangxi Jingdezhen the road in city bead hill 42

Traffic: Be apart from downtown: Railway station of 0 kilometers, space: Airport of 1 kilometer, distance: 7 kilometers, distance is long-distance station: 5 kilometers
Meal establishment: Chinese meal hall basically manages dish of another name for Guangdong Province, plain dish to be able to hold 100 people
Conference establishment: Large assembly room can accommodate 80 people, small-sized assembly room to be able to hold 26 people
Recreational facilities: Old hall, chess card, nightclub
Service facilities: Business affairs center, hire Wu of car, ticket, washhouse, bazaar, parking lot, massage, hairdressing beautifies hair, do not offer the airport to receive aircraft service
All round landscape: Museum of history of ancient cellar, pottery and porcelain, recreational square, pottery and porcelain house of a street, pottery and porcelain
Online circumstance: All rooms all have partial room but free broadband gets online
Credit card: All things of international credit card is amounted to (Master) , international credit card power person (carry knows credit card of VISA) , international (credit card of AMEX) , international comes greatly (Pacific Ocean of bank of transportation of card of peony of card of Great Wall of JCB of credit card of Diners Club) , international, Bank of China, Industrial and Commercial Bank of China, China bank of agriculture of card, China

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