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Guesthouse of Jingdezhen violet brilliant

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Guesthouse of Jingdezhen violet brilliant is located in side of north of Jingdezhen city Chang Na highway, area of AAAA class scene visits south - museum of culture of Jingdezhen pottery and porcelain, encircle of here ridges and peaks, green water depend on each other, forest luxuriantly green, air is fresh, if a bright phearl is enchased,in porcelain Dou Jingde is pressed down and between green hill beautiful water.
Guesthouse of Jingdezhen violet brilliant is chiliad porcelain house of state guest of type of the first gardens, the start of high level makes the forward position that it became Jingdezhen to reveal vogue, show a reduction of culture of bright pottery and porcelain. Guesthouse has of all kinds guest room more than 116 (set) deserve to computer of TV of high-definition liquid crystal, liquid crystal, free broadband gets online wait for service facilities, and professional room accuses the advanced equipment such as the system. Intelligence, environmental protection, human nature changes the highest state that serving with individuation is our pursuit. The balcony that in dining-room of Chinese and Western we deployed the different class such as VIP for you 10; We still are your government affairs, business affairs and meeting Wu to needed more than 10 to deploy the VIP reception room that has simultaneous interpretation function, intelligence to change assembly room.

Traffic: Be apart from downtown: Railway station of 3 kilometers, space: Airport of 10 kilometers, distance: 8 kilometers, distance is long-distance station: 3 kilometers
Meal establishment: Chinese meal hall can accommodate hall of 130 people, Western-style food to be able to hold 100 people
Conference establishment: An assembly room can accommodate 2 92 people, assembly room to be able to accommodate 3 36 people, assembly room to be able to accommodate 5 14 people, assembly room to be able to accommodate 6 20 people, assembly room to be able to hold 12 people
Recreational facilities: Chess card, billiards, ping-pong
Service facilities: Business affairs center, parking lot (free) , bazaar, offer the airport to receive aircraft service (collect fees)
All round landscape: Pottery and porcelain of traffic bank large building, China reads extensively house
Online circumstance: All rooms are free the broadband gets online
Credit card: All things of international credit card is amounted to (Master) , international credit card power person (carry knows credit card of VISA) , international (credit card of AMEX) , international is big Lai (Pacific Ocean of bank of transportation of card of peony of card of Great Wall of JCB of credit card of Diners Club) , international, Bank of China, Industrial and Commercial Bank of China, China bank of agriculture of card, China

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