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Jingdezhen finance guesthouse

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Finance guesthouse is located in road of north of new residential quarter 43, condition of guesthouse courtyard core is quiet and tastefully laid out, greenery is shady, charactizing a fine spring day. The establishment inside guesthouse is advanced, service project is all ready, it is broad guest travel goes vacationing, the safety of recreational, business affairs, conference, wholesome, comfortable good place.
Guesthouse pursues “ to be with the person this, pursuit is savoured, sincere letter is managed, the management concept of high grade and efficient ” , hold to: Active, enthusiastic, considerate, quick, safe, wholesome, standard, satisfactory service tenet. Center of center of existing guest room, meal, business affairs, conference center, peace and happiness, gym, sauna washs bath center, hairdressing beautifies hair wait for integrated service facilities and project, execute temperature adjustment of central air conditioning entirely. Excellent service and advanced establishment, be like,will bring the four seasons to guest spring experience.

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