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Jingdezhen is joint-stock guesthouse

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Address: Jingdezhen bead road of a mountainous area scenery 60

Practice: 1989 decorate: 2001
Brief introduction: Jingdezhen guesthouse (joint-stock) be located in hill of cottage of resort of our country famous travel, Huang Shan the intermediate a sector of an area that 2 hill come and go. Guesthouse environment is beautiful and quiet, it is guest of China and foreign countries the place that stays to the Jingdezhen travel, ideal that has business affairs activity.
Guesthouse has of all kinds guest room, decorate richly elegance, deserve to central air conditioning, international dials directly TV of programmed control phone, satellite to wait. Center of private room of travel agent, banqueting hall, gust, recreation is set to reach to be able to hold business affairs to negotiate inside the house, of the conference, song and dance muti_function hall. Offer a car to rent at the same time wait for other omnibus form a complete set serves.

1989 practice. Decorated 2001.

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