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Jingdezhen big public house

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Our Jingdezhen big public house is as joint-stock as the Taiwan businessman enterprise, also be this city presses a country exclusively at present the public house of travel of business affairs of concerning foreign affairs or foreign nationals that level of 4 stars grade builds. The hotel reposes at the business street —— with flourishing Jingdezhen the road in bead hill 128, with echo each other at a distance of Long Zhuge of —— of cabinet of Changjiang Delta name, be apart from Jingdezhen airport to need car Cheng 15 minutes only, also need car Cheng 5 minutes only to Jingdezhen railway station and station. Traffic, shop, the advantage of travel is the ground that contact guest enters first selection. The hotel has the guest room of 6 kinds of types, it is respectively: Between presidential flatlet, luxurious standard, between ritzy odd world, average level, common odd world still has the business affairs flatlet that designs technically for business affairs guest. Every guest room deployed the world to every TV of network of communication of advanced level IDD, satellite, guest room still provided computer and take one key to get online, guest room still was a guest to offer individual safe and every guest room sets small and exquisite confuse your bar. The hotel still has 3 muti_function auditoria, can show meeting of size business affairs for holding multiform performance to reach, negotiate the activity such as meeting, news briefing, impose professional conference service, grandiose standard, the elegant bender with the luxuriant Western-style and festival banquet, bright in no matter be,be being decorated, ball and attend a meeting the service is waited a moment, we can the requirement according to the guest, provide an optimal space, hold to the queen's taste party. Besides, the hotel still owns the business affairs center that provides establishment of advanced and all ready business affairs, offer working advantage for business affairs administrator. Word processing of the secretary that establishment sets stock major and telecommunications service, computerization and laser are printed, a variety of language translation services, fax service and service of international long distance call, duplicate lives model and bound service, mail the service includes aviation, smooth mail and express fast give, everyday. The hotel still is deployed have those who exceed top-ranking card to help high-quality goods of song and dance of the OK acoustics, world that collect a gathering of things or people to deduce hall, can let you enjoy concept of brand-new seeing and hearing, sauna momently, massage, hairdressing, beautify hair the center offers most comfortable, satisfied enjoyment for you with easy environment, adept technology, professional gimmick. Make you are after busy business affairs or tired out amuse oneself, remove instantly fatigue, alleviate the pressure on the job. The meal ministry of the hotel is open up of close friends happy get-together brand-new the have dinner place of idea, below the environment that in Chinese culture art high-quality goods foil comes out, offer delicate cate for you, small cup Yan Huan. It is a luxurious banqueting hall not simply, can be more enterprise or business the administrator of the unit undertakes the activity such as of all kinds and large party.
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