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Xin Changjiang big public house

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Big public house of river of Jingdezhen new prosperous is Jiangxi province finite liability company invests guesthouse of river of Jingdezhen city prosperous the hotel of business affairs of accurate SamSung class of build, repose at Jingdezhen 206 countries (porcelain highway) with Xin Feng crossing hand in collect place, the maple hill that the back depends on scenery charming and gentle virgin forest area, side faces the ” of “ activation stone of China porcelain culture- - museum of ancient kiln pottery and porcelain, city traffic wants central place that go up. The railway station is faced east 5 kilometers, field of boreal as the occasion requires 8 kilometers, 9 situation are faced on the west freeway and long-distance passenger transportation are heart station 4 kilometers.

Position of big public house is apart from Xin Changjiang

Be apart from downtown: 0The kilometer is apart from to the railway station: 0The kilometer is apart from the airport: 0Kilometer distance exhibits a house: 0Kilometer

Big public house of new prosperous river serves establishment

Building of big public house of new prosperous river is 11 tall, building gross area achieves 12000 square metre, the hotel uses home's advanced hardware establishment device, interior decorates Chinese and Western to add up to a wall high-grade and luxurious and do not break elegance, have house of of all kinds and luxurious flatlet, standard in all 105, set big, medium, small-sized assembly room, deserve to international receives satellitic system, net of computer multimedia, broadband, VCD chooses center of song system, business affairs. Set luxurious banqueting hall, can hold have dinner of nearly 500 people at the same time, have the multinomial recreation establishment such as room of card of KTV balcony, chess, sauna additionally. Provide high-class service for global guest, it is all directions the place that the business travel of guest ideal stays!

Establishment of meal of Xin Changjiang big public house

Hotel meal ministry sets Chinese meal banqueting hall to set a stage in all 18 desks, can recieve large party, feast. Adornment Chinese and Western combines variety of benefit of wall, photograph. Old hall set a stage in all 27 desks, can offer breakfast of self-help of type of Chinese and Western for all directions guest, of all kinds and Western-style eat is nodded, the good land that photograph of sweethearts eat banquet, friend gets together. Balcony shares 15, the name all is name of ancient names of the tunes to which Chinese poems are composed, for insiding information in order to promote the culture of the hotel.

Establishment of peace and happiness of Xin Changjiang big public house

3 buildings are the hotel recreational club, set room of card of KTV balcony, chess, sauna to wash the of all kinds place such as bath center, it is place of the beautiful on recreational recreational.

Establishment of conference of Xin Changjiang big public house
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