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Invest large meal to want discreet

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"Meal estate development already entered a fastigium, now reentrance, will be a kind of venture capital investment, invest large meal especially more should discreet. " a connoisseur issued trade of our city meal yesterday such caution. Develop through high speed of a few years, occurrence bitter fleabane of course of study of our city meal the suddenly development, situation that let a hundred flowers blossom. Whole meal market from have plain another name for Guangdong Province formerly only 4 big vegetable are Su Lu, development arrives now not only include 8 big vegetable of China are, returning develop to extend a lot of offset dish is: Arrive from palace dish farmhouse dish, arrive from feudal official dish confidential dish, still have a lot of alleged " dish of feudal official of straight be subordinate to " , " dish of all corners of the country " , " thematic dining-room " etc. Not only such, still have barbecue of many foreign snack and Turkey dining-room, Mexico, Russia the foreign cafeteria such as arrange of big eat, Korea, can say have everything that one expects to find. Dimensions arrives from the large cafeteria of on 10 thousand square metre tens of square metre even snack bar of the chaffy dish city of 10 much square metre, characteristic is waited a moment, go up a little the inn-keeper gross of bit of dimensions exceeds 1. 20 thousand, nanjing meal sale was close to one billion four hundred and ten million and sixty-five thousand four hundred and eight yuan last year. But, while sale rises ceaselessly, profit is decreasing however. A cafeteria that implements scale quite goes far from bits dicker, also make even 15 yuan of travel food all the same actually now. Another manager that interlinks cafeteria also ground of call a spade a spade says, look round now look, at the outset " dimensions economy " the formulation is worth deliberate. He even delimit a bar: The cafeteria that is more than 1000 square metre was done very hard, basically be now of meal course of study contain Troy already not tall. Contain Troy to drop have a few reasons. It is chummage price goes high continuously, and dish price however because competition is intense hard when the river rises the boat goes up too. Be in at present advocate the busy streets of the city zone, chummage price rises every year 5 % above, bring about many cafeteria or hang up one's axe, a sector of an area that or change location reachs to slant a bit. 2 it is labor cost is raising. Recruited a clerk every months in the past 600 yuan can be done calm, do not have 800 yuan to cannot find pretty clerk now. The youth in a large number of cities has not wished to become cafeteria clerk, cafeteria is forced to enrol a person to the country, cafeteria bears accommodation cost even accordingly. Miniature cafeteria makes do fortunately, at every turn the cafeteria of about a hundred clerk, lodge only quite considerable. 3 it is raw material cost raises ceaselessly. The data shows, 2005 year, 100 strong meal companies of our country grow in turnover while, gain capacity appears however downtrend, profit margin of 100 strong companies is 10 % about, relatively drop before two years a percent; 3 proportion that cost holds turnover are 100 strong companies respectively: Raw material cost is occupied 43. 56 % , labour cost is occupied 11. 92 % , chummage is occupied 8. 75 % . From the point of Nanjing, after experiencing a large meal to invest heat, the amount of our city large meal did not increase basically, main factor is chummage cost too advanced. Origin: Profession meal net

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