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How meal newlywed person is reasonable raise fund

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The reasonable principle that financing raises has at 2 o'clock: It is affirmatory and reasonable capital demand; The 2 reasonable constructions that are firm financing. Reasonable capital amount is to show by the plan dimensions calculative prepares to construct charge and the require capital amount of management activity and the capital measure that can plan this 3 person between poise or balance basically. If gap is too big, namely " unbalance " serious, should adopt reduce scope or increase raise fund channel undertakes settlement. Much caldron wants how many meters to have, want to accomplish know fairly well, scale is balanced. In the meantime, come to preparing the arrangement of capital should inspect different level and period to be opposite of capital requirement more or less to undertake reasonable allocation. Capital turnover rate is rapidder, the utilization rate of capital is higher, obtains profit nature is more, if do not plan,mix had allocated, generation capital is unused, will bring about contrary result so. Miss Zhang the first time inn of meal of him open restaurant, to raising money capital does not know for certain, go consulting friend of person of the same trade then. The friend gives her enumerate roughly a few big expenditure, explained expenditure of a few detail. Miss Zhang comes back to plan, with respect to the budget that leaves by the friend, prepared endowment opened project. But, as the extension that decorates time limit for a project, decorated charge to exceed bid surely formerly, down to practice, discover again calculated a shot in the locker of going from place to place less. Result, practice at the beginning of, do so that capital attempers have too many problems to deal with, quite passive. The friend comes over to teach her later, say to decorate must conclude good contract, decide dead expenditure, if not have necessary, do not increase decorate a project; Reserve gold of have enough to meet need is little not, in case occurrence at hand is in short supply, a more bounteous buy or sell on credit can discuss to count time over the supplier, spend in order to help open business period capital have enough to meet need closes. In addition, a few righter in for inn of small restaurant meal, special in practice initial stage, the capital of a lot of operator handles loan to manage from friend of parents, kin. According to the experience of entrepreneur, the management strategy that brings about kin friend to interfere operator to regular meeting of loan of parents, kin, friend and day-to-day professional work, the relation between promiscuous family, enterprise. Because this is right,this kind of loan should use the leasehold relationship of commercial style, sign definite agreement namely, interpret loan commercial action, come by form of law of law of enterprises namely normative loan behavior and undertake arranging. Origin: Optimal and Oriental

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