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Concept of Olympic Games of carry out travel promotes a hotel the brand

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As the development of economic society, people consumes means and the change that consume consciousness, and the high-tech method application in hotel industry, the evolution of the hotel is appearing green to change, the tide that intelligence is changed and the person turns originally, and this kind of trend accords with what what Beijing Olympic Games advocated 2008 completely " Olympic Games of green Olympic Games, science and technology, humanitarian Olympic Games " 3 Dali read aloud. Tell green to change first. Rise with what consume consciousness as consumer consumption level, eat healthily to live healthily to become the pursuit target of people. Advocate green consumption, fostering green consciousness is the development direction of restaurant. In the whole world " green tide " drive below, in the management that environmental protection consciousness blends in contemporary restaurant gradually. Green is representing health and environmental protection, beijing Olympic Games puts forward " green Olympic Games " concept, body wants what realize green restaurant as soon as possible to establish a goal namely in hotel industry now. Made an appointment with restaurant print and distribute to countersign of each Beijing Olympic Games in September 2004 for this BOCOG " outline of guideline of environmental protection of service of hotel of Beijing Olympic Games " , right " resource conservation " , " the environment pollutes prevention and cure " , " indoor reach meal to serve " etc made specific provision. After becoming first Olympic Games autograph to make an appointment with restaurant, restaurant of our Beijing international established his green standard not only, acceptance offers the comfortable, safe, product that is helpful for human body health for the society, and be in whole management process, in order to be opposite society, responsible to the environment manner, hold to reasonable use resource, protect zoology environment. Talk about intelligence to change again. As the development of high-tech, the intelligence of restaurant changes degree to rising ceaselessly. Carry out goes " Olympic Games of science and technology " concept, I think even if want to will be modern science and technology of the representing with electronic IT, in the management that introduces hotel industry stage by stage. In our hotel, the guest goes to the lavatory into stop add quick, complete computerization is operated, the guest can select the room kind that he likes from computer screen directly, resemble allocating the room between where to stay in which room by total stage in that way before no longer, and the guest goes upstairs to also need not press elevator, want to brush room card only, elevator can send seat floor automatically. In the meantime, the guest can show through the computer inside the room the individual character that affirms his serves content. The 3rd person is changed originally. The hotel should have better hardware establishment not only, more important is have better software, serve namely. In competition intense market condition falls, how to provide satisfactory service for the guest? This needs us " it is with the person this " , satisfy client individuation requirement ceaselessly. And " humanitarian Olympic Games " concept as it happens reflected such train of thought. Look in me, hotel industry carry out goes " humanitarian Olympic Games " the concept has two ways: It is through offerring human nature is changed, personalized service will come true; 2 it is the point of view that exchanges from culture will come true. Beijing is having rich humanitarian resource, this decided Beijing " humanitarian Olympic Games " uniqueness and huge attraction. Feel a of China important window as foreign tourist, during the Olympic Games our hotel gives the little gift that has China culture characteristic to the guest not only, still will hold the culture activity of characteristic of a lot of rich the Chinese nation in the light of the guest. Our target goes in carry out namely " humanitarian Olympic Games " in the process of the concept, the soft actual strength that promotes Chinese hotel trade ceaselessly and brand beauty praise degree. Origin: Chinese economic net

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