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Refine a service to enhance competition ability with essence of life

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The service changes subtly contain two respects content: Each link that is a service tears open solution to arrive most subsection, on the detail that fulfils each service; 2 it is to be aimed at detail of each tiny service, establish a relevant executive standard, form groom, assessment, check and accept a system. In surprise of day of meal industry competition intense circumstance falls, of meal service level rise more and more the attention that gets operator. Serve actor bad of the level, affected the result that meal manages directly, the influence is evaluated to management whole to the client and actual strength of competition of whole of meal course of study. So, how more effective raise service level, the author thinks to answer to refine respect proceed with to do good work from the spirit that implements a service. The service changes subtly contain two respects content: Each link that is a service tears open solution to arrive most subsection, on the detail that fulfils each service; 2 it is to be aimed at detail of each tiny service, establish a relevant executive standard, form groom, assessment, check and accept a system. Realize detail of tiny to each service to undertake be changinged subtly administrative thereby, the essence in process of activity of whole to the client repast refines a service. Raise service level, the spirit that implements a service refines the work that must have done the following sides: One, enhance employee the self-identity feeling to the enterprise and feeling of a home to return to, raise the cohesive affinity of employee. Raise service level to need employee to understand to what the service refines, the essence of the service refines need employee to form the habit of certain service detail, form standard code of conduct thereby; The service changes need employee to form the body of certain grace and language style of conversation subtly, pass a series of exercise, of stimulative employee quality rise, make serve further appreciation, the high grade, close affection that realizes a service finally is changed. The progressively implementation that refines a service through essence of life increases with what apply competence, can make employee produces move of a kind of achievement; Through refining administrative implementation to serving spirit, meeting implementation employee feels to the self-identity of the enterprise and a home to return to feels, raise the cohesive affinity of employee then, implementation enterprise manages concept and company culture. 2, raise service level, catching service detail again. The client steps into dining-room, the clerk pulls chair, on towel, give write menu, serving to wait, these are of course, can not saying is a client " accepted a service " , what we should accomplish more is, after the client steps into dining-room, the clerk should have a standard, have the requirement, finishs each service detail that has professional quality and level, include attitude of attending to guests (mood) , service enthusiasm, and each word that interacts with the client, is not simple " hello, give serving sheet, serving " etc. The guest arrives restaurant is to come " beautiful money is bought enjoy " , and enjoying is to rely on a service to come true, alleged " enjoy " it is creature comfort not only, still included spirit to enjoy, and a when spirit enjoys very serious content invites a customer namely " the human association with relaxed and happy experience -- service " , serving personnel is the service that provides through be a guest, invite a guest " beautiful money is bought enjoy " , client place " enjoy " product, the detail that changes subtly namely serves. 3, service process is the process that contented client material and spirit enjoy, it is to rely on to serve what essence of life is refined and detail service comes true. The service is changed subtly and detail service includes a mood kind service, function kind service, compound kind of service 3 sort. 1, mood kind service: Mood kind the service is to point to the total that offers the human concern that happens between server and client. Content includes to serve the movement in the process, expression, the way one speaks or what he says to wait. Station, sit, expression, walk, the language of explicit travel body that the language all is expressive clerk mood, it is one of element of demand of contented client spirit. In the process of executive service, the clerk should be experienced inside short time, the mood that judges a guest, so that make corresponding response. What must want to cause height to notice is, the clerk's mood can affect the client's mood directly, especially the clerk's the way one speaks or what he says behaves (travel body language) , what show and what mood, be happy and active, relaxed and comfortable, enthusiastic? Grave still, depressed? In serving a process, specific what should say to the client, what to do? Like there can is some kind of mood when client of no less than and clerk interact, when the clerk faces service object, regular also meeting is taking his mood, pass certain behavior kind to come out expression of some kind of mood. We must want him consideration to be in service process, spiccato to the client is what kind of " melody " , it is sincerity, enthusiastic, low still cover, dejected? Maintain your mood, not by the client " melody " interference (be not disturbed by the client's mood namely) , it is to raise service efficiency and the premise that let a guest accept the service that we provide, it is the strategy that we must be faced and chooses and service detail. The smile is the most important mood kind service: (1) different expression can bring different experience. The client will consume, that is to say, will change creature comfort and spirit to enjoy with consumption. The opinion that the client reachs management character to hotel service from the first impression to the clerk -- , expression begins, the clerk is responsible, accountability give a customer happy with comfortable experience, clerk must the expression sweet, happy, enthusiasm -- , smile, perforative to the service from beginning to end. (2) esteem is scientific, the smile can bring benefit. The smile is to invest the service strategy with the smallest, the biggest profit. "The smile serves " originator United States " hotel king " Hilton original creation " the smile serves " management strategy, the first word that he says to the clerk everyday is: "Did you smile to the client? " he asks every employee wants to smile sincerely in any time that face a client, although be in,hotel industry is affected badly because of enduring slump and the condition of get into trouble, he also does not forget to warn a worker: "Cannot place the anxious cloud in our heart on the face, no matter hotel itself is sufferred difficult, hilton hotel clerk the smile on the face is the sunshine that belongs to a passenger forever. " economic hotel lets numerous hotel close down in succession, in the hotel of survival, only Hilton is bringing a smile from beginning to end on the face of hotel clerk. Go when the crisis, hilton hotel with " simple, easy, do not spend capital and ages ago " " the smile serves " take the lead in entering new prosperous period. Ability of client of press close to becomes preeminent company, and a magic weapon that the smile is client of press close to, this is Hilton " the smile serves " enlightenment, also explained further " the smile is investment the service with the smallest, the biggest profit is politic " . (3) the consumption that the smile can affect a client and judgement. The smile can narrow the distance with the client, give a client to feel with trust and be close to, the judgement that can help client offset expend thereby guides a client to consume. The smile is given out from the bottom of the heart, good state of mind is the premise with bright smiling face. Besides, still having appearance of outfit dress regulation, appearance, language, speech, sign fast, the mood such as dialect and volume kind service and its detail, should tear open solution to arrive most subsection, undertake grooming on each each detail, content, check and accept, use a service cogently in the process. 2, function kind service: Function serves kind be with be opposite the person is a center, functional service satisfied a customer the demand to content, if serve establishment, last all sorts of dinner service that extend demand of ark, contented customer, dish is tasted reach environment and sanitation to wait. In management process, damaged tableware is couldn't get change in time, dining-room decorates dated, sanitation to cannot get clear in time the happening that waits for a circumstance, it is function kind the service is short of the performance that break badly, can affect normal management order badly. 3, compound kind of service: Compound service kind it is to show emotionality service and functional sex serve to be able to be achieved in management process be applied admirably and reflect, mood kind the mental demand that what the service satisfies is a client, and pure function kind the service obtains a service very hard reputably, have a sentiment only kind service and function kind the union with perfect service, just can create a constituency " new requirement " , new requirement was brought up later guest. Come true finally and satisfy a customer of the demand to content and mental demand perfect and unified, what realize management gain thereby is the biggest change. Working practice has proved, the service is the blood that in managing, meal flows, and raise service level, fulfilling a service to be changed subtly is those who begin excellent service is optimal cut a point; The service is an aeriform product to meal enterprise, and have its value, as a product, the quality of the service is high, can obtain yield high, can make other corporeal product rise in value, serve the profit with the management concept at the enterprise and higher creation thereby. Change a service to also matter to the implementation of company culture directly subtly, the company culture with good neither one, manage concept and the deep intention that change a service subtly and wisdom with respect to won't reasonable solution, company culture passes the refine and serves quality expression of the service to come out, communicate the client of repast, produce higher additional cost thereby. And the energy that achieves a service is refined, must want a standard each service detail, accomplish science to groom, the a bit grooms, repeatedly nurturance of exercise, aggrandizement, down to forms chronic behavior and motivation to finalize the design, the real essence of life that accomplishs a service is refined, in order to realize excellent service of the level rise and first-rate operation result, enhance integral competition actual strength. Origin: Chinese restaurant association

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