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Lower rate of damaged of hotel dinner service effectively

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Tableware management is the weak point in meal management normally, also be the difficulty problem that puzzles inn meal administrator, a lot of hotels have a headache for the rate of damaged of high specified number of tableware unceasingly -- responsibility person often cannot be found after tableware damaged, knowing is chef outfit dish when be touched bad, still be the knock when the clerk receives food was defeated, or it is the member that manager when cleaning, fall broke... every use a dish, from clean serving to arrive recall, should pass be in charge, kitchen, pass the many link such as area of dish, office. Link personnel of complex, deal with makes more tableware damaged control became meal administration medium " short board " , because tableware damaged reduced the quality of dish not only, raised the cost of hotel running stores, more important is the figure that affected a public house. The damaged rate that how yields tableware falls lowermost rate, achieve 0 damaged even? Always ministry of meal of big public house passes Kang Mingzhu to explore tableware management and pilot measure, method actively, obtained certain positive result, sum up relevant experience as follows now: One. Duty is trenchant the most crucial, system is perfected is premise " duty is trenchant, put an end to dispute over trifles " -- each post is in clear branch interior the duty in tableware management, it is the key that has done tableware management and control work. Above all, ministry of hotel finance affairs consults the person of the same trade runs the average level that go up in tableware loss, loss rate is affirmatory tableware nature 3 millesimals, namely meal ministry does business that month 3 millesimals of income, for example, this month business income is 1 million, criterion charge of tableware nature loss is 3000 yuan. Tableware loss control is in of this limits less than, assume by the hotel; If have,exceed partial criterion by office area (contain send dish) , kitchen, be in charge 3 large area press 5: 3: The scale of 2 (consideration number how many) assume, put an end to thereby dispute over trifles phenomenal happening. Afore-mentioned natural loss do not include guest compensate and employee indemnity, the circumstance that does not sign up for to put an end to attaint tableware to conceal happens, hold to " who does break to be in charge of, nobody are in charge of equallying shared again " principle. If the guest damages tableware should be in appear in the newspaper for a short while when class foreman, if be absent when class foreman, should appear in the newspaper to be in charge of when ganger, whether does processing want a guest to be in charge of compensating for by its, arrive actively in after the event be in charge of be in watch of caustic of the newspaper that register when the director of the class; Damaged not carefully between the job like employee tableware, should clear damaged tableware first and inform the foreman when the class of look over instantly, after the event registers watch signing up for caustic actively, the cost price that responsibility person was about to press dish that day hands in money to finance affairs, and the record of this dish also is sold from inside take inventory amount, financial department will give when lunar batholith is put eliminate, no longer plan into natural loss, . "Raise go ahead of the rest of level, system " -- standard, perfect, refine tableware management system, it is the premise that has done tableware management and control work. For this, our formulate the tableware of each area runs meal department detailed rules: Group of ◆ be in charge: 1, in cleaning a process, tableware must be classified, put by norms, clean by order; 2, the tableware that has cleaned must be classified by norms size, orderly fold put; 3, when use basket holds dinner service, cannot exceed 2/3 of the capacity; 4, foreman of group of be in charge supervises the labour that wash a bowl to be cleaned by the regulation, discover damaged, open sheet of caustic giving a newspaper instantly; 5, after tableware is cleaned, be in charge of be being carried with go-cart classics elevator by foreman stock the ark that protect clean to the kitchen, in carrying a process, small tableware cannot pile up too tall, collapse in case attaint; ◆ sends dish group:1, the dinner service that business hours sends food group to must assist a clerk to will been used is passed wash a bowl; 2, the ministry that send dish wants in conducting tableware process scrupulous, prevent to slip attaint tableware, accomplish when the operation take put down gently gently, specific supervise by the foreman that send dish; Clerk of ◆ office area: When the clerk is serving and clearing away tableware, accomplish seriously take put down gently gently, put an end to harum-scarum operation, accomplish classification of big, small dinner service strictly to put, be in charge of supervising by each area foreman, discover damage, investigate duty, open a damaged sheet; Bottom of ◆ every month in and month out has tableware check 25 days, the tableware of damaged of a month is in collect announcement column undertakes revealing to all employee; ◆ is in the use process of tableware, departmental door employee should strengthen responsibility heart, if discover unqualified eat to should change in time, avoid to affect a hotel the mesa on damaged tableware to serve character; The damaged dinner service that ◆ departmental door discovers, doing business everyday unite by person specially assigned for a task after the end hand in wash a bowl, make a record by group of be in charge, facilitating finance affairs collects data; The tableware of ◆ guest caustic presses the double compensation of cost price, employee damages undertake compensatory by cost price; The tableware that ◆ always damages has must make good record, open sheet to arrive by foreman financial, open sheet to get complement by foreman to storeroom by finance affairs again; 2. Annulus annulus photograph is buckled very important, mutual supervise be necessary " annulus annulus photograph is buckled, scanty and do not leak " -- the mesa on the tableware to put an end to damaged strictly, each post should reach consensus: The kitchen manufactures need not the member that the tableware → of damaged sends dish does not pass the tableware → clerk that has damaged to discover the tableware of damaged not to go up group of desk → be in charge does not clean the dinner service that has damaged, after discovering damaged needs to report foreman to investigate a matter, clean ark again, do not provide the dinner service that has damaged to the kitchen. Link discovers the dinner service of damaged in which, leaders of all levels investigates duty after all, find out reason and responsibility person, specific by in front the director that reachs be in charge is in charge of carrying out. "Supervise each other, restrict each other " -- fulfil to ensure afore-mentioned measure get, the mechanism that supervises each other should form between each link: The meeting after dish manufactures from the kitchen is passed first send dish, sending dish, run if the clerk of dish discovers dish of bowl to have damaged, kitchen of former dish go back changes dinner service, this damaged tableware by appoint personnel to register (it is that day commonly the foreman between the kitchen) , its damaged puts in a kitchen 's charge. Because the clerk that if be being passed,dish runs between dish is too busy do not have discovery, passed office area, and the clerk of serving discovered before the desk on dish end, also can do same processing. And want dish to go up only desk, damaged responsibility is assumed by office area (the clerk that serves this desk) . The guest eats a meal, after the clerk controls a station the bowl dish send troop of be in charge, group of be in charge discovers damaged dinner service in cleaning a process hind, carry first come out to put do not wash at the same time, wash only complete. When after end opening eat, it is good that office area sends a director to do register, it is clear to put the dish that did not wash aside to count write down, this part damaged puts in office area 's charge. And the tray that should take the poll that wash a bowl only, even if washed a half to discover damaged again, also should return clean group. The tableware after group of be in charge is cleaned enters disinfection, everyday after dinner ends, the safety of the kitchen checks group of responsible check the amount to wash good dinner service, if have damaged, want to put in group of be in charge 's charge. This kind is restricted each other, head end joins compact system, the effect is very apparent. 3. Use both hard and soft tactics feasible, unremitting gives ability effect " use both hard and soft tactics, unremitting " -- in software (system measure) perfect while, also need a hotel to give on hardware support, in order to reduce tableware damaged. Among them, catharsis normalization rationalize is the first link of damaged of the tableware in reducing catharsis. Give to the hardware of catharsis perfect, wash for instance the requirement according to catharsis measure answers between the bowl, blow namely, 2 wash, the requirement of 3 Qing Dynasty, 4 disinfection is reasonable layout, equipment of the workbench that needs catharsis dinner service, classification, rinse, a series of equipment such as stoving equipment are very important to maintaining the in good condition nondestructive of tableware. Additional, when the choice of tableware, the collocation that divides consideration tableware and dish, beautiful wait for an element, return the convenience sex of catharsis of Lv of take an examination, avoid to choose different as far as possible model dish, must use surprise really model dish or glass dish, must alone catharsis, in order to reduce loss; Large party uses the dinner service with same norms as far as possible, like cold food dish uniform standards, hot food dish use 3-4 is planted norms (basin of a thick soup, round basin, waist basin and piscine basin) , put with facilitating when controlling a station, by norms classification is folded. Finally, those who need ambitious shift is, had above system measure, tableware damaged leads reduce and can not accomplish in one move certainly, trying the initial stage that tableware government changes especially, because was assumed,still can have stuff even compensate for and generate resentment, accordingly, the announce that needs administrator to strengthen tableware management necessity as string of 1000 cash, make employee realizes the tableware damaged effect to hotel character, let employee realize the value of tableware management, hold on to this job thereby -- " it is the most important that tableware government goes effect, unremitting " ! Origin: Profession meal net

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