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The hotel room intelligence with the cleverest whole world makes hotel illicit c

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Go in firm by " fortune " (Fortune) magazine and " Wallpaper " the magazine is chosen for " hotel of optimal business affairs of 2008 year world " in Toronto town Hazelton public house, you can notice enchase the mother-of-pearl inside the wall, decorate the cowhide panel in dining-room, the wall of Angola goat hair in Silver projection booth, still have those precious sculpture... these are no wonder nevertheless, you will be strange keep muttering to pectoral card at the clerk of come and go, what is this strange thing? Original Hazelton hotel provided Vocera communication system to employee. When the guest raises the requirement that the clerk cannot solve independently, the clerk needs to press the bosom gets stuck only, speak the full name of the other employee that can help him, post or branch, the system is met instantly as man-to-man as other employee put through -- and the content of new science and technology that this just reflected Hazelton hotel in the smallest part.

Literally says, high-tech and intelligence are changed had become measure 5 stars or above of 5 stars class a standard of advanced hotel. High-end hotel of the whole world each shows special prowess, exhaust possibly to blend in science and technology the square side side that the hotel serves and runs. The Tulip Inn with the subordinate group of Swiss Golden Tulip Hospitality Group that is about to kick off in Bangkok, in every room of the hotel, have the lamplight that can adjust according to the mood, sound and music, you are OK even and free the color of wall paper and pattern. Each room has the City Inn Hotel with Mancunian England an apple computer, as provide recreational system for the client, browser of player of collect radio, TV, DVD, CD, webpage at an organic whole, can says to want to be less than only, did not do. The guest in hotel of place oneself high-tech, often the intelligent sex that exclaim reveals at fine point, must be convinced at these the the most interesting, cleverest hotel guest room.

Intelligence makes hotel illicit close go up only

Whether are you met now and then does careless forget take the key? Or the safety that the heart is a room? A few hotels had been accomplished " go the key is changed " .

Parisian Murano goes vacationing the dactylogram of the village locks up a system, room even the safety of safe is fastened at yours to be pressed gently. You should remind yourself to be in every time after taking a door, does conveniently want a papery " do not disturb please " is sign suspension in in doorknob hand? You lie on the bed to just remember every time did not hang " do not disturb please " sign, ambitious bearing tiredness, go personally does the doorway hang sign? This is too moss-grown! Although paper sign history is long, also appropriate the earth's surface amounted to the environmental protection idea with most fashionable instantly, also should upgrade nevertheless replacement. What Hazelton hotel uses is the system of ReadyMaid electron control after changing, the condition that the switch of feeling type face plate inside guest room can join the corridor outside guest room is in directly shows face plate, hotel staff can identify guest room position through LED lamplight directive. This falls, if your course of study already lay to the bed, also need not rise, need to press the Control Panel of next bedside only, can do calm. If you are in in the random of the room, there also is Control Panel on the wall, press easily, whole room became the private space with illicit close dye-in-the-wood sex immediately, everybody cannot be disturbed.
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