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Spruce Changjiang Delta: The abstruse operation of meal of high-end business aff

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President of group of spruce Changjiang Delta expresses: As meal of place of contest of Beijing Olympic Games served trader 2008, group of spruce Changjiang Delta is being accelerated stage by stage prepare for war the pace of the Olympic Games, fast storefront is outspread what advance since spruce Changjiang Delta to enlarge Olympic Games meal to serve the window with construction is main reflect, also be the main show that the group marchs toward globalization of future of international market, open to develop the strategy quickly. Since in April 2000, spruce Changjiang Delta is in the center of Beijing trade center offers the country of business affairs area since the first inn, with " global character, China is temperamental " the high-grade office building that the dining-room of brand of spruce Changjiang Delta that is characteristic enters a sector of an area of gold of city of domestic main business affairs gradually, heretofore has built 35 chain store in and other places of Beijing, Shanghai, Chengdu, Tianjin, development makes meal of business affairs of Chinese high end one old brand. Not only such, spruce Changjiang Delta still steps internationalization pace quickly. On the meeting, zhang Lan announces: To 2008 end, spruce Changjiang Delta will be in the whole nation (include area of HongKong and Macow) open many 40 store; Did not come two years inside time, spruce Changjiang Delta still will be in 19 cities build the whole world such as world of London, Su Li, Indonesian, Moscow 65 branches, the dining room of spruce Changjiang Delta of and other places of Beijing of its middle east, new York will be formal inside this year completion. Occupy know additionally, group of spruce Changjiang Delta will at the beginning of this year June, the classical course that carries 3 to reveal China meal culture is tasted ginseng exhibit England " times China " (CHINANOW) large culture activity. As we have learned, spruce Changjiang Delta is this ginseng exhibits England " times China " the company of domestic people meal with culture only activity. To show the solid inside information of culture of China tradition cate and distinctive glamour to British people better, and the health that brand of Chinese nation meal goes after fashionable innovation ceaselessly develops a concept, spruce Changjiang Delta will with 3 confluence the characteristic dish of culture of classical Chinese meal and fashionable innovation concept tastes: Saliva chicken, palace protects shrimp ball and ginseng of platoon of sweet hot pepper to exhibit, for " times China " add a to shine beautiful Chinese colour. Origin: big

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