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The management concept of meal course of study

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On the meal market that flourishs now increasingly, the incline to that the masses consumes begins drawing to wear the management concept of meal course of study. For this, always pay close attention to the consumptive demand of consumer, design and produce the product with new, strange, particular more, made the pursuit of meal industry. In the meantime, the change of economic development and customer demand, also ask dish product has the characteristic of diversification. Chinese dish formed the dish gust system that provides distinguishing feature each thousands of years, this kind of system is presenting department giving food and food stage by stage is between mutual confluence, mutual draw lessons from, the picture that learn from others's strong points to offset one's weakness. Same, chef also needs to comply with the demand of consumer with quick response, what and come with professional service satisfy customer is captious. Plain dish with flavour thick, heavy, thick, sweet celebrated at the world, the mystical place of plain dish depends on the metabolic multiterminal of flavour. Flavour is the soul of plain dish. "The five flavors is harmonic 100 smell are sweet " the essence that is plain dish. Flavour of plain dish exchange is very exquisite, be good at flavorring not only, essence of life at flavorring, and calm flavour be in harmony of appearance of taste of accurate, smell. Plain food taste diversity, metabolic essence of life is wonderful. In cook, multi-purpose chili, peppery, Chinese prickly ash, thick broad-bean sauce and vinegar, candy will flavor, and plain dish dressing deserves to compare with what differ, unreal is changed gave a fish sweet, litchi, hemp is hemp of hot, any of several hot spice plants, strange all sorts of flavour such as flavour, all without exception is thick alcohol is thick. No matter be gust,peculiar curry taste is mixed without the fish but the piscine sweet smell that has fishiness, still be the strange flavour with each flavour harmonious balance, core is sweet. Tradition plain dish is noting labour of reelect makings, exquisite knife, color separation to match the foundation with dish, trenchant primary and secondary to go up, take seriously flavor of ability law varied. Small fry, small fry with dry burn, dry stir-fry before stewing, it is the cooking technology with plain peculiar dish, and the another big characteristic that dish breed is abounded is plain dish. The form of plain dish banquet is diversiform, gust of luncheonette of advanced banquet, common banquet, masses, the daily life of a family... distinct, gust each different. And as people living standard rise, the demand of flavour of people speak or sing alternately is higher and higher also, of the food that traditional dish type already cannot satisfy people desire, then, send plain dish newly emerge as the times require. Suffer the effect that ab extra dish fastens, send plain dish newly from raw material, make a law arrive on appliance, produced very big change. In flavour model go up, send what plain dish uses another name for Guangdong Province, Fujian, Hong Kong and Taiwan extensively newly to finalize the design compound flavoring and the union of cook method photograph of plain dish, also got the special gust of the place such as southeast Asia area and Hainan, Yunnan, Guizhou is affected at the same time. Additional, because send plain dish newly,also include a lot of seafood among them, make the raw material variety of plain dish more rich not only so, and the class that still increased plain dish. Say abstractly, the improved change of dish of at present plain basically behaves in 4 respects: Raise pattern of dish of many delicacies of every kind, increase management class; Progress is little fry, small fry, dry burn, craft of dry stir-fry before stewing, urgent fire breaks up quickly, get sth done without any letup, those who pay attention to dish to taste is fresh and tender; Clear Xian Chunnong pays equal attention to, give priority to with clear delicacy, hold a fish the characteristic with sweet, hot hemp, of the branch that has primary and secondary again and weight not; Disentomb adequately, the dominant position that uses dressing of the land of abundance, make flavour change more careful, ling Chuan dish more the taste demand that accords with consumer to increase increasingly. To comply with this kind of trend, plain dish is satisfying new idea while each district consumer needs, the diversity that the seasoning that also needs to suit goes to satisfying dish and high-grade change. How to go satisfying plain dish etc the demand that dish department dish changes? How to provide professional help? This is a research of force of happy be caused by. The home is happy, it is the famousest Shang Fenlei on the world flavors one of product brands, had had 100 old histories. From German 1838 Carl Heng happy gentleman of Swiss Home · founded domestic happy brand, mix with advanced technology, rich experience good quality, make gave professional chef consistent and accepted the brand with praise highly. 1993, domestic happy product comes to China, strong rolled out pink of essence of domestic happy chicken. 1994, the home is happy pink of happy in the home that China rolls out chicken, fasten handpick and classy bright chicken to be made, chicken is sweet more full-bodied, conduct a brand-new and healthy idea. Subsequently, to satisfy the taste of Chinese consumer ceaselessly, the home is happy rolled out other soup to expect again kind of product, no matter be to be aimed at technically,need long of infusion long essence of happy chicken of bright sweet home, the domestic Le Nong that still rolls out recently shrinks juice series and product of happy Shang Fenlei of whole set home, different level land satisfied the requirement of chef, offerred the most contemporary meal style to them! Lifted brand-new one page for market of Chinese meal dressing. Making what domestic Le Jiao is proud more is, the dietary plan with happy home ranks the first between Chinese meal course of study, more than 300 thousand chef and 100 thousand cafeteria used domestic happy product in cooking process. No matter be the meal place of which one class, the home is happy had numerous product, can satisfy its different requirement. The home is happy there all is center of cate research and development in the whole world, 142 seasoned hutch Wu adviser devote oneself to product research and development, at the same time professional chef still participated in product research and development directly in the center, collect and study the delicate cate of different area, develop and compose new cookbook, consequently be in harmony of domestic happy product collected the professional experience of chef, satisfied the requirement of local consumer. Be in China, the home is happy the product that has Chinese distinguishing feature technically for Chinese consumer development. The home is happy with its high quality product, made sure Chinese meal dish has best taste, best fragrance, best colour and lustre. The success with happy home depends on helping an user succeed, be opposite at her the understanding of professional knowledge and client demand, depend on can offerring appropriate solution at any time. Series of pink of domestic Le Shang, can satisfy all sorts of requirement of different meal client! Origin: Profession meal net

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