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In accelerating informatization development to make, small public house is cast

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According to statistic, at present the hotel of normative operation has China about many on 11000, among them of SamSung class above occupy 80% . As the rapid growth of activity of domestic and international travel, business affairs, especially China of be born of 2008 Olympic Games, chinese hotel greeted the big inning that develops flourishingly. However, place of hotel of SamSung class above enjoys it may be said of this kind of good luck, average public house is washed out by park the brim. So, does the reason where? Medium or small how does the hotel want to you just can be cast off sloughy, welcome flying development? With chief of technology of software of city of word of number of squares Xu precious happy event thinks, at present medium or small what the hotel should do is the hotel administration that achieves informatization as soon as possible. Actually, "Hotel management intelligence is changed " had become a hotel to improve level of management, offer personalized accommodation to serve, come true finally " broaden sources of income and reduce expenditure " efficient way. But, under SamSung class medium or small the hotel still does not have sortie basically at present. On one hand the cost of construction of hotel informatization system that the reason is a tradition is high, your hotel of small bit class cannot be accepted. Will tell commonly, the hotel installs informatization system to must have special computer house, the personnel of computer room deploys at least two, will write down by pay of hotel of class of a SamSung, cost of a year calculates less have to 50 thousand yuan, return so that buy costly server. And the flower is gigantic endowment bought computer equipment, do not arrive 4 years to must fall into disuse again, buy afresh, the hotel is immersed in year answer in the lair that soft hardware of a year updates. Small public house does not have special computer room and informatization controller mostly, the investment in this respect is very limited also, they buy software bear price is in commonly 10 thousand yuan of less than. On the other hand the reason is informatization manufacturer is opposite medium or small hotel market had be notted value, develop the informatization management software that satisfies demand of this one market consequently without devoted manpower material resources. At present domestic hotel runs a system, great majority uses C/S structure, the monomer restaurant that faces SamSung class above is used, not be for economy chain the hotel is mixed medium or small the demand of the hotel and of development. The main reason that uses C/S structure at present is: 1. As a result of past Internet underdeveloped, c/S structure is the systematic framework that hotel system always uses, it is relatively easy to undertake on this foundation reopen is sent; 2.C/S structure can control incorrect outer net to undertake the network joins, prevent the leak of data, convenient management controls hotel interior administrator, 3. To B/S structure development technology prepares to be not worth, the core technology of companies of a lot of development of hotel management software masters in hand of a few old stuff mostly, they are familiar with the software development of B/S framework rarely, b/S version gives very hard in the development inside short time; 4. Product fixed position is in the hotel of SamSung class above, in the hotel system of SamSung class above, c/S system still is mainstream demand, very not pressing to the systematic market need of B/S framework. Reporter: So, you are to think the hotel software cost of B/S framework is low, in suiting demand of informatization of small public house; And C/S framework cost is high, suit astral class hotel to use, right? Can you introduce particular account? With square: What you understand is very right, the hotel software cost of B/S framework is low, in suiting demand of informatization of small public house. As to the reason, want to introduce the distinction of B/S framework and C/S framework roughly above all. C/S structure, namely Client/Server(client computer / server) structure, it is everybody's hep software system architecture, although use, is open mode, but this is the open sex that the system develops one form only, no matter be,in specific application Client is carried or Server end still needs specific software, fail to provide the open environment that the user expects truly; Structure of B / S, namely Browser/Server(browser / server) structure, be as Internet technology arisen, to the composition that one kind changes or improves of C/S structure. Its front is a foundation with agreement of TCP / IP, the WWW server inside the enterprise can accept the visit of the Internet terminal that how scans a program of Web, as final user, want to pass Web browser only, all sorts of processing tasks can call systematic natural resources to finish, simplified greatly so client end, reduced a system to safeguard with the cost that upgrade and workload, those who reduced an user is overall have cost (TCO) . Reporter: Be just in together medium or small what does hotel informatization domain have to prepare? With square: Just depend on old industry to accumulate together, the demand of user of small public house in mastering and industry develop way, those who pass a year many is enclosed development, the new generation hotel that rolled out an industry to precede runs a system: Be based on the hotel software of B/S framework. Be based on the development of nowadays SaaS, just broke through the beaten track that hotel convention is developed and sells together, become software sale offer information to serve for the hotel, is not to sell a product to give a hotel. Just will build center of a data together, every hotel uses an independent space, the user need not be cost to software upgrades unendingly again, also do not need to safeguard personnel to pay a large number of salary for costly computer. The technical group that is the same as square major ensured hotel software upgrades ceaselessly, to the hotel the confidential sex of business data has professional control. At the same time user but between with acquiring new administrative experience each other, mutual communication manages a result, raise the management of oneself and service level ceaselessly, ascend body high speed develops hotel train. Origin: Network of Chinese industry research

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