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7 restaurant become lot of first Olympic Games room to make an appointment with

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Recently, old hotel of restaurant of Beijing international restaurant, building of hotel of Switzerland of center of HongKong and Macow, honoured guest, Beijing, Kunlun restaurant, China and 5 continent the restaurant of class of 7 5 stars such as imperial crown restaurant and BOCOG were signed first " Olympic Games accommodation welcomes service agreement " , become first is in during 2008 Olympic Games of Beijing to wait for one of restaurant of 5 stars class that register personnel to offer accommodation to serve for member of Olympic big family, sponsor and media.

To reflect " green Olympic Games " concept, restaurant of class of these 7 5 stars will abide by BOCOG strictly to make " restaurant of Beijing Olympic Games serves environmental protection guideline " in the concerned regulation about environmental protection, take a part water, energy-saving with protective environment measure.

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