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Dalian meal consumes the Spring Festival to grow 4 to become

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A year plan depend on " spring " . The Spring Festival brings the power that flourishing sells 7 days to the meal market of the our city. Wait for 10 wine to fishing port of sea of boat of seafood of 10 thousand treasure, star only (meal) the statistic of inn, 10 inn welcome a visitor during Spring Festival golden week 52 thousand more than person-time, realize business income 7.158 million yuan, than last year the corresponding period grows 23.3% ; Average per capita consumes 137 yuan, than last year the corresponding period grows 37.3% .

Its consume a characteristic is: Meal of the eve of the lunar New Year presents two tall appearances. Although each are big,the hotel is the formula of meal of the eve of the lunar New Year that the New Year's Eve prepared rich and colorful this year, but consumer more favour is tasted at combining meal of the eve of the lunar New Year according to his taste, sheet orders dishes in former years of rate prep above. Sell outside meal of the eve of the lunar New Year send eat also prep above in former years, like some hotels year 30 arrangement 4 cars sent eat to still do not satisfy client requirement, income sending eat sells to be occupied outside did business that day 50% of income.

Meal is consumed more tend reason. Consume ideal change as dweller festival, meal market is unusually hot. Inside city each wine (meal) the meal of the eve of the lunar New Year of inn, reunion meal, reunite banquet demand is exuberant, one desk is begged hard. Characteristic dish tastes the hit that reachs dish of the daily life of a family to taste to rise considerably, promotion of consumption level of average per capita is faster. The meal of safe, wholesome, environmental protection serves a place to make the first selection of consumer, have distinguishing feature, eat grade to make the pursuit with new customer. Winter jasmine of cracker of Chinese Dalian firework was met 2008, hot the service line of business such as the meal of periphery of astral sea square, the client is filled with the door, domestic home explodes full, the recreational industry such as monetary ark also is to have too many visitors or business to deal with.

Farmhouse is recreational meal continues to be favorred. Drive oneself swim, self-help swims, enjoy what Dalian beauty landscape already became citizen and visitor to spend the New Year vogue, field of 4 heavy snow warms up, 5 big hot spring are hot, farmhouse is recreational meal flourishs more.

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