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Meal industry appears " servant shortage "

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Invite applications for a job of first the 10 or 20 days following Lunar New Year's Day meets the market of resource of Chinese Shenzhen manpower that held yesterday on, the clerk of meal course of study becomes the position with most powerful demand. And around of reporter Spring Festival interviews discovery, a lot of wine shop of our city are in the doorway is marked positional paste is urgent the information of clerk of invite applications for a job. During the Spring Festival, many wine shop serve personnel to be in short supply badly, boss, manager carries common occurance of dish jury phenomenon personally.


Deadbeat pours tea to write bill of fare personally

According to " Shenzhen business signs up for " report, before the Spring Festival, the reporter visited the west lake spring, house that pick up flavour, flavour 1000 tug the wine shop such as wine shop of the Hakkas of source of face, Bin, hotel, discover meal industry lacks skill generally, be short of especially common clerk and the labour that wash a bowl. The reporter feeds road of street, the Eight Diagrams to feed a street to see in Jing Tian, at the door many wine shop the information of invite applications for a job with marked paste. The director of inn of a chaffy dish speaks of personnel shortage problem, whether does agog inquiry reporter have channel to help the introduction serves personnel, he says: "The casual laborer that helps temporarily is OK also, how many want. How many want..

During the Spring Festival, although because weather reason did not come home,not little service is versed in,spend the New Year, but the phenomenon that a lot of wine shop lack skill still did not get more or less alleviating. A few days ago, the reporter arrives sweet sweet lake village of Xi Beiyou face, the personnel that discovers first floor and the hall of 2 buildings are wearing waists-coat not less moves back and forth between table to serve for deadbeat. The clerk says: "These people are the controller of wine shop and logistics personnel, because the clerk is in short supply badly, they are forced temporarily help sb to deal with an emergency, gues-star a clerk, carry tray personally. " and the clerk that includes a house also is compared little at ordinary times, by two former clerks cut become. And it is the aunt that passes fifty years old mostly. A Liu surnames aunt introduction, wine shop is in all the time action person, but the young clerk that enrols adequate measure very hard. She says: "Between this bag original two clerks, now with respect to me. The leader of the office is become temporarily clerk, the staff member of engineering department also came, do not separate leader and stuff, everybody a difficulty that get over Spring Festival lacks manpower this. Everybody a difficulty that get over Spring Festival lacks manpower this..

The reporter sees in the Dong Laishun of lotus north, the guest that have a meal is not little, but 20 the old hall that surrounds a stage more, have 34 clerks only, essential busy come nevertheless, a few impatient deadbeat can pour tea to write bill of fare personally only.
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