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Cold current will raid violent wind of outstanding achievement of chaffy dish in

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Cold current will raid, the business of chaffy dish inn is lively billow, the health that division of graceful peak group issues chaffy dish and fawn on gets together to boil below division of Wang Pin group, the business grows 3, 4 into above. Course of study person point out, to be cold, business of chaffy dish store also explodes all the way red, be over too year to now, almost every day repletion.

The chaffy dish inn in Taipei city residence, these days the business is good, of old name universal inn of hot chaffy dish of day and horse, dragon of every extremely big platoon leader, before dawn 2, 3 when return somebody to queue up, complete not Wei cold front.

Red bank coffee is new brand of founding top class chaffy dish builds wind, kick off to be touched before the Spring Festival on cold current, build wind to be below the circumstance that did not publicize, business volume still can explode add one times, although be only place inn, but because use makings beautiful, increase the price not expensive, turnover of latter odd-numbered days is in 100 thousand yuan of above.

The business of barbecue inn is good also, the 3 Fan a member of the same clan with brilliant China subordinate hotel and Wang Pin group are subordinate burn formerly, battalion closes to grow 3, 4 into above.

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