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Sell outside restaurant Yuanxiao very welcome

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Still having a week is the festival of lanterns, kaohsiung lantern show is special this year move to glorious dock, hotel industry is particularly tie-in case of Yuanxiao housing privilege, still hold a memorial ceremony for moves to be versed in outside making Yuanxiao, sell, resembling is international of cold a small room, state guest, beautiful honour outside waiting for restaurant to roll out Yuanxiao in succession, the hotel sells very welcome, what consumer preference satisfies vision and taste more is double enjoy.

Do sth for the occasion of restaurant of international of cold a small room rolls out case of winter jasmine happy Yuanxiao, 40 buildings watch Hai Xuan to roll out Yuanxiao of harbor type blast at coming 21 days since this day, every 3 90 yuan, the cortical package that manual 桿 makes enters the stuffing inside sesame seed cortical sweet crisp Q is soft, inside stuffing slippery opening is strong, love by consumer, it is restaurant annual the fascia arrange of the festival of lanterns, additionally 21 days of festival of lanternses encloseded ground for growing trees to 2 buildings tea that day the dot uses midday of half self-help type, evening brief eat gives Yuanxiao namely sweet soup 1 bowl, to 7A Lou Guibin a small room reachs 40 buildings to watch have dinner of sea a small room, give Yuanxiao of a blast to taste 嚐 each.

Chinese come restaurant is special roll out Chinese come case of housing of petard Can Yuanxiao, 16 days come price of house of harbor scene case should rise 4488 yuan only on March 2, can view and admire headroom petard with the closest distance, experience bright fireworks to shake with respect to the vision before, still can obtain the boat steamer ticket that gives love, Han Fengfu to come to China to written guarantee condole acts the role of type of self-help of dining-room of harbour of bright and beautiful box, 43 buildings breakfast and Chinese come KITTY commodity is touched wait with certificate exclusive give a gift.

State guest restaurant offers manual blast Yuanxiao, the handiwork that makes by master of mug-up of plain dish hall shows scamper Yuanxiao, for state guest restaurant annual the fascia heat of the festival of lanterns sells goods, yuanxiao showing flee in terrorfry in deep fat or oil shares sesame seed, earthnut, sweetened bean taste 3 kinds of taste can offer an alternative, 6 install every 200 yuan.

Beautiful honour hotel type of 3 Lou Liyuan harbor drink tea to roll out evaporate Yuanxiao besides to 24 days from 16 days, 6 install 120 yuan, but inside with reach into the bargain, innovation taste includes sweet coco of violet yam earthnut, pachyrhizus and black Ma Rong 3 kinds of taste.

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