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Salary of meal service industry " dark " go up 4 into

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Salary of meal service industry " dark " go up 4 into

Reporter yesterday learns from bureau of province labor obtain employment, general labour, mechanic, property and wages of post of meal service line of business will increase 4 to become above this year, but laborer is taken in one's hand cash change is not big, addition share is used at pay expenses of of all kinds insurance.

Unit of relevant this year choose and employ persons opens the monthly pay that give to be respectively to popular post: General is versed in 700, 1100 yuan; Mechanic 1000, 2500 yuan; Hotel clerk 900, 1100 yuan; Ensure public security 900, 1100 yuan.

This bureau says about chief, this year is " labor contract law " and " obtain employment promotes a doctrine " the first year when carry out, the spring breeze that holds in big hill square from now acts first large invite applications for a job can look, dealing with of all kinds insurance is the necessary content of general rules of invite applications for a job. By monthly pay 800 yuan are calculated, unit of choose and employ persons needs every months to hand in 300 multivariate insurance premium to use. Laborer is taken in one's hand salary looks seem change not quite, but unit of choose and employ persons is paid actually rose however many.

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