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Hainan is big to meal archives carries out the management that buckle cent

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Hainan is big to meal archives carries out the management that buckle cent

Seafood is big archives slaughters a guest again and again

The Spring Festival golden week that just goes, a few come the tourist report that Hainan travels: Hainan beautiful scenery is unforgettable, but a few big archives are wanton the behavior that slaughters a guest calls a person accurate. On Feburary 11 in the evening, come from Beijing Ms. Sun that Hainan travels tells a reporter, 8 days of evening, she and friend are in 3 inferior archives of a big platoon eats seafood, chose 5 course, final settle accounts wants 2380 yuan unexpectedly.

Say according to Ms. Sun, she follows friend group 7 people are to be below the introduction of one local, will to a when be located in emancipatory road discharge archives greatly, everybody nodded a kind of a fish that does not make give a name, one Pan Hele crab, not famous Hai Bei, still have two cole additionally.

When waiting for Ms. Sun group to eat meal settle accounts, the Zhang sheet that merchant takes out makes everybody foolish eye, 360 yuan / kilogram fish, look to have 1 kilogram or so only, the result is 3 kilograms on Zhang sheet. Sea shellfish ask a price 160 yuan / kilogram (just sell 50 yuan in the discovery in other store later / kilogram) . Because humanness is unripe the ground is not familiar, ms. Sun does not want to cause a trouble, was obliged to buy sheet.

In Hainan like the phenomenon that Ms. Sun place says a few places happen from time to tome. The tourist that comes from each district eats seafood to already was become gradually to Hainan travel " obligatory course " , inn of a few seafood uses the tourist's curiosity just about, leave no stone unturned entices a tourist to nod the seafood with a few high prices, or pretend to be rare seafood with common seafood, call it by a good name of " it is deep-sea, other place is done not have " . After ask a price of all over the sky, the shop sign that loses in order to hit again cheats customer, actually the price after the discount still far outclass is normal valence. Some inn are mixed intentionally even in the calling card of tout decide seafood value very lowly on favourable card, provide in the balance next on play tricks; Or the gimmick trap that takes low quoted price, tall close an account, cheat becloud customer.

Face beauty of tall horn beauty spot no longer

Hainan faces Gao Jiao is a scenery scenic spot area. However, nearly a few months come, size appeared suddenly here inn of 10 seafood coming to the home, the sea big prevents forest land to gobble up, vegetation is destroyed artificially by, in former days the sea prevents forest land to reduce desert, zoology environment is played havoc with.

Before the Spring Festival, the reporter will face Gao Jiao, in face the east of tower of tall corner lamp by the side of the coast with one long kilometer, inn of 10 seafood coming to the home, big archives is holding the sea to prevent forest forest land. The sea prevents Lin Hecao ground to be destroyed, bare give sandy soil, forest land is prevented to go up in pristine lake, these operator take box of each private room with bamboo canopy and cement, car and autocycle are placed in all round, beautiful green coast became a ground that in disorder, big unpleasant.
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