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Early rise bird has bug to eat---Force of labor of market of Nanning moon cake i

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Common saying says, "Early rise bird has bug to eat " . This word is used in moon cake market to had been been not at all.

This paragraph of time, the controller of Nanning city some firm collect the staff member that the gentleman recieved 6 hotels in succession, come to promote bill of moon cake of the Mid-autumn Festival, he can'ts help plainting: "Moon cake sale is really pass early one year one year! In former years is a month just receives moon cake to publicize sheet more, now however already know exactly about sth dials personnel to come. " the reporter interviews know, close paragraph of time, see the market of Nanning moon cake that seems calm emerge madly early with respect to undercurrent actually, the sales promotion personnel of each old restaurant restaurant already hit out everywhere, moon cake big fight is about to start in the round.

Reporter phone seeks advice from the hotel that crosses the city of a few Nanning such as hotel of century big public house, day the wife of a prince to produce moon cake, be informed moon cake appears on the market this year preparative work has been finished, near future general spreads conduct propaganda large-scaly formally. "Because the sale of moon cake is seasonal strong, have a few days of short sale period only, for loot larger market share must want early action. " partial hotel still discloses, the work that promotes moon cake bill had begun before this greatly, begin those who accept a client to book at the same time.

The staff member of ministry of supermarket of grand of the guest that occupy benefit introduces, although nowadays still has period of time from the Mid-autumn Festival, but own interest to grab " landform " , moon cake manufacturer has begun to book bar, preparation enters ahead of schedule on ark. When crossing ministry of sale of century old wine to amount to a manager to accept a reporter to interview, say: "Our sale shifted to an earlier date than last year this year half month, ' rise early ' have a lot of advantages, ' rise early ' the attention with can make consumer earlier better its brand moon cake, we roll out series to be tasted newly this year, be like breed of preserve one's health, ' rise early ' be helpful for letting consumer more time accept new consumptive concept. ' rise early ' be helpful for letting consumer more time accept new consumptive concept..

As we have learned, moon cake manufacturer in succession " rise early " , with moon cake the characteristic of this one food is concerned. Moon cake is the commodity with very strong sex of a kind of season, these a few years, the early days sale of moon cake is moon cake ticket first current, citizen of a month just in succession go to manufacturing trade department to get moon cake by the ticket. The hotel is production seeing a bill, what early days sells is good with bad, deciding the production of later period moon cake, ticket of early days moon cake sells more, what moon cake produces is much, conversely still, each are so big on the work that the hotel puts manpower material resources in early days to sell moon cake bill. The personage inside course of study thinks, moon cake is produced by the ticket, be helpful for controlling cost, the character that also assures a product at the same time and fresh degree.
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