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Economy chain hotel: Young white-collar gives a first selection

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"I no matter be away on official business,still travel to basically can choose economy hotel now. " in large civilian Introduction Lin Qing that hold a post, he is in after the university graduated 2002, be engaged in selling the work all the time, often want the whole nation each are big the city is away on official business. Before two years, accommodation became his biggest difficult problem, astral class hotel is too expensive, of the company submit an expense account the standard that the standard returns public house of class of short of star; And the wholesome condition of hostel is poorer, your person is borne hard, often want to subsidize poor travelling expenses from dig down so. When be away on official business, he is near the client's company, discovered the particle of a bright and beautiful river, the sense is good after he has lived. "The room is clean and neat, broadband, shower, air conditioning... some of astral class hotel, here has, and everyday house price is less than 200 yuan, need not him allowance traveling allowance. " from now on, no matter where go to to be away on official business, have the has bright and beautiful river bit around only, he can choose certainly, if do not have, he can choose the economy of other trademark hotel, come down a few years, almost he has experienced economy of on the market a few famous China and foreign countries hotel. "I like the economy with a bit more tallish price public house, above all, the bed of this kind of hotel is compared commonly comfortable, like Mo Tai 268, quick holiday, appropriate is thought of surely etc, lodge in these hotels, comfortable pitch no less than 4 stars hotels, next, these hotels not only OK and free high speed gets online, and have dinner also very economy is convenient. " the susan that works in an ad firm expresses, a lot of her friends go to like economy public house all right nowadays.

In recent years, what economy hotel becomes public figure of young business affairs is new bestow favor on. Show according to concerning findings, short distance travels most probably the comfortable sex that the guest of above pays attention to accommodation establishment more and its high-tech function; These ages are in 20-45 year old the business affairs personage between, it is mostly it is the generation that does poineering work independently, economizing consciousness is very apparent, in pay attention to consumptive quality while, also can pay close attention to the price particularly, enjoying cheap and fine commodity and service is the consumptive pattern of their first selection.

Economy hotel results from abroad, relatively luxurious hotel, its biggest characteristic is " economy is substantial " , without luxurious dining-room, do not need gymnastical public place of entertainment and hairdressing to beautify hair establishment, but guest room arranges comfortable, facility all ready, can let a person with outer door sleep good become aware, wash a hot bath, eat a big breakfast.
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