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Brillant district of Guangdong Fosan city plans to build public house of first 5

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Brillant area just ended " Lai pink section " activity, greeted visitor of many 12000 each district not only, include first business affairs goes vacationing type international wine of 5 stars class inside formal also autograph arranges 4 travel project. Sponsor just express, the autograph of project of hotel of 5 stars class is made an appointment with, mean brillant be about to leave this area hotel of 5 stars class the history of 0 records.

According to introducing, project of 4 when this formal autograph makes an appointment with recreational travel is international respectively ball club meets hotel of 5 stars class, silver-colored Haigaoerfu newly travel of base of travel of garden of agriculture of place, Tai Kangshan, Jin Gulang goes vacationing area.

According to divulging, hotel of class of this 5 stars predicts investment exceeds 600 million yuan of RMBs, total floor area amounts to 80 thousand square metre, the building makes an appointment with 138 meters 38 high, guest room amount 500.

The establishment such as center of center of hotel market yacht club, business affairs, meal, fitness, helicopter level ground at an organic whole.

Huang Xiaoyi of brillant area deputy warden expresses, sign project of a batch of when make an appointment with high grade travel this, covered travel to go vacationing the industry such as service of meal of area development, hotel, entertainment, be sure to be become for brillant development bead trigonometry is recreational go vacationing the ground lays solid foundation, create infinite motive force.

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