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Collect of 7 tower of thing of astral hotel settle 6 big costly public houses

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The reporter discovers when Pearl River new city is interviewed, be in east tower, on the west the tower is circumjacent, will form Guangzhou and even home's costliest hotel to collect the ground, besides big public house of Zhu Meila Guangzhou, still hotel of the four seasons, W, Li Saika Er pauses, 5 international such as Jun Yue, Shengruiji are top class and costly hotel.

Square of ground of high heart buy opens mysterious veil

The reporter designs plan to be pleasant to the eye in the program of group of land of high heart buy, big public house of Zhu Meila Guangzhou is located in the boundary of the axes in beautiful city highway and Pearl River new city, initial design building is 50 tall. And on the side will be apartment of hotel of 4 caique international, both among will an air corridor is linked together. And in its ahead, cost those who be as high as 7 billion yuan namely east tower.

On September 25 in the evening, what with Zhumeila Guangzhou big public house opens mysterious veil together is square of ground of high heart buy. The Pearl River new city in be being built at present on the west tower, total floor area is 456 thousand square metre is controlled; Last year the project of hunt heart commerce of sell one's own things, its total floor area achieves 568 thousand square metre; And Pearl River new city east tower, area area also with respect to 350 thousand square metre. Square of ground of Dan Gaode buy, total floor area is as high as 920 thousand square metre! It is project of Guangzhou city's at present biggest a commerce!

Plan top class office building

The reporter sees, this square actually over or across east tower, Xi Dadong on the west both wings, have 4 chunk land in all. On this square, besides building public house of first 7 stars class of Guangzhou, return the SeasonsMall that will build an area to be as high as 170 thousand square metre, basically attract the costly brand on international to garrison; Still amount to area of plan and construction the top class office building of 110 thousand square metre, besides 8 communal elevator, still 8 CEO enjoy elevator only.

Top class form a complete set leaps 20 seconds 50 buildings

"I have confidence to give Guangzhou citizen a surprise, " when day of GeraldLawless12 of Zhumeilaji's round president accepts a reporter to interview in the evening, express, "Will 2011 the bright red beauty of practice pulls Guangzhou big public house to have a lot of distinguishing feature, high speed elevator, sky is for instance medium old hall, believe to will become us an admiral hotel. Believe to will become us an admiral hotel..

No matter the hotel is costly, big general metropolis puts in the hotel below, and big public house of Zhu Meila Guangzhou, its are big put 50 tall top layers directly. According to initial design program, this hotel 3 coping floor by be well versed in, transparent vitreous enclosing wall is used all round, guest need reachs the summit first building, stop add is dealt with in old hall, take elevator to go down to return a room again next.
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