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3 inferior assess of check of hotel of small bit class is started in the round

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Since October 10, 3 inferior city SamSung class (contain SamSung level) assess of the following check of class of star of hotel of astral stage travel is started in the round.

As we have learned, at present 3 inferior SamSung class (contain SamSung level) restaurant of the following astral stage travel shares 53. Among them, one part hotel puts in a few problems: The hotel basically manages difference of field and class of facilities of service of form a complete set big; Establishment has the ageing of different level and damage; Wholesome dead space is more; Because personnel flow causes short of of level of service skill, service to ask basically, cannot assure to serve quality; Employee is worn outfit is skimble-scamble, branch of the bag outside the hotel manages non-standard, guest to complain reaction not seasonable, have the appearance of ignore even.

To solve these problems of existence, 3 inferior bureau of development of city travel estate, 3 inferior travel hotel star is judged committee, 3 inferior association of trade of city travel hotel from 3 inferior inside the job that v takes to have star of class of national level, provincial, city to review a qualification in each hotel, act on fair, just, open, standard, rise, the principle of development, to class of whole town SamSung (contain SamSung level) restaurant of the following astral stage travel undertakes check assess.

Every came on January 1, 2003 the astral class restaurant that hangs out his shingle inside December 31 (SamSung class is contained the following) , need the restaurant of new assess to expire 5 years; Always assess star grade is full restaurant of a year (SamSung class is contained the following) , all be the object of this second check.

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