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Wuhan economy hotel begins " go to the countryside encircles the ground "

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Yesterday, brand of our city native land economy hotel " colourful Yang Zhixing " push forward far the city zone. Also express to Hubei marchs inside year before bright and beautiful river is early 2 class market, a lot of economy hotel plans " go to the countryside encircles the ground " .

Economy hotel starts in Wuhan time is not quite long, but development is unusually swift and violent. According to not complete count, I am saved now economy hotel 87, 81 gather together in Wuhan, market unbalance. Encircle construction to start as Wuhan city, provincial the suburb inside second line city or city, business chance protruding shows.

A man of virtual and ability according to aftershock of president of bright spring day the introduction, in set up shop of second line city, hire is storefront only Wuhan 1/4, personnel salary is cheap two into, but meal dish and house price are not as low as Wuhan, some wants tower above even 3 into. Nevertheless, the personage inside course of study expresses, although second line market is primary very hot, the capacity is finite after all, should avoid blind dilate.

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