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Ferry of Chinese net exceeding lofty or great hangs out his shingle sell group p

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Company of group of Chinese network communication announces 13 days, central intent trades to hang out one's shingle in Tianjin property right since this day of hotel of 5 stars class that group place belongs to sell, chinese net connects a group to exit a hotel to be pulled open via doing business prelusive.

Chinese net tells a group relevant branch chief expresses, this intent hangs out his shingle, it is comply with " state-owned asset controls the company manage temporary regulations " and " state-owned property right transfers the business run temporary measure " undertake about the regulation.

Chinese net connects a group to hope through trading in property right the market makes public the means that hang out one's shingle, finish a second hotel assets sell make over.

Chinese net tells a group is country of the State Council endowment appoint of management large one of central enterprises, it is home's famous telegraphic operation business. At present the amalgamative job of this enterprise and Chinese UniCom goes well.

"Come a few years, chinese net connects development to carry out country of the State Council endowment appoint about state-owned large and medium-sized enterprise solid almsgiver complementary depart complementary course of study changes the mind that make, do in effort all the time do by force big advocate course of study, unlock liven complementary course of study, so that concentrate resource further,develop advocate business Wu. " this controller explanation says, "Sell hotel asset this, also do with the new UniCom that is about to hold water do strong telecommunication greatly advocate the development strategy of course of study is completely consistent.

As we have learned, chinese net tells a group 5 hotels that this second intent hangs out his shingle, believe center restaurant for Beijing Kyoto respectively (5 astral class) , Jinan beautiful extremely big hotel (4 stars class) , Qingdao beautiful extremely big hotel (4 stars class) , Qi Qi edifice of Ha Erguo arteries and veins (4 stars class) , .

Origin: Xinhua net

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