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Always first travel nods blessing surely hotel is new " give heat "

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National Day eve, always blessing county held entire county to travel to nod restaurant to award card ceremony surely, 12 restaurant such as big public house and wine shop make area of scene of golden bell hill, gold first travel nods this county surely restaurant.

Always blessing relies on distinctive Fu Shouwen adequately to turn a brand, mixed 2006 successive 2007 two successes hold Fu Shoujie, in domestic and international famous degree get farther promotion with consequence. 2007, this county was obtained first " the countryside of Chinese long life " , " demonstrative base of property of preserve one's health " , " area class A kind industrial garden area " contain the shop sign with tall Troy 3 pieces. This county relies on details closely deep blessing birthday culture and 100 birthday cliff, always could there be the resource of travel of famous places and historical sites such as city Gu Cheng, exert oneself makes the travel industry that is bibcock with area of scene of travel of golden bell hill, promote energetically always what blessing travels is famous spend and consequence, attracted domestic and international numerous tourist to arrive always blessing is recreational travel goes sightseeing.

Recieve class and travel service quality to promote tourism further, normative hotel industry, show good meal culture and excellent service, this county nods restaurant to evaluate the work surely at first travel was being pulled open at the beginning of September, evaluate a standard clearly, refined maintenance of facilities of service quality, facilities and clean sanitation assess to check a watch, undertook strictly evaluating according to standard of hotel of 2 stars class.

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