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Hotel of big international of jujube village light 500 thousand rectify and refo

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Recently, hotel of big international of jujube village light opens up endowment 500 thousand yuan improve environment of safety of unit fire control, not small echo was caused in place, masses highly praises his to take the practice of fire control safety seriously in succession.

On August 9, jujube bank fire control is located in Lu Zaozhuang of Mount Taishan of new and high area in the discovery in supervisory examination hotel of smooth big international, be as high as 11 buildings stair well and scattered passageway to did not install lash-up floodlight and sign of safe and scattered directive, the building is automatic sprinkling fire extinguishing and fire call the police automatically the system cannot work normally. This building belongs to personnel concentrated place, once produce fire, cause great personal casualty extremely easily. Fire control branch allotted fire hidden trouble at once " instruct deadline to correct advice note " , report district municipal government to supervise and urge the hotel is fulfilled rectify and reform plan and capital.

Because repair is automatic,sprinkler system and fire call the police automatically systematic process is complex difficulty is greater, during, fire control branch rectifies and reform working success to ensure this fire control safety is mixed, expedite fire control go on a tour of inspection to serve a line 2 technologies backbone stays at a selected grass-roots unit to help improve its work and gain first hand experience for guiding overall work during this hotel is being rectified and reform, the help takes necessary fire prevention step, consider to make rectify and reform plan.

Current, the fire hidden trouble that this hotel invests 500 thousand yuan rectifies and reform a project already finishing, hidden trouble got elimination.

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