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Elite of global network circles assembles in restaurant of lira of Beijing sweet

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Tennis of the 4th China is surpassed publicly on September 20, 2008 - 28 days pull open heavy curtain in Beijing tennis center, restaurant of lira of Beijing sweet case becomes the government of this match 5 times to appoint staying hotel continuously, receive numerous the network circles that comes from world each district top class player.

The super star that plays this match includes: Luo Di gram, Feileier, Yimonuoweiji, Yangkeweiji. The match was pulled open on September 20 prelusive, be overcome with Luo Di and Yang Kewei strange cent obtains champion of singles of male and female to ring down the curtain.

900 employee had accepted restaurant to groom specially, so that be staying players to provide excellent service: From the specific meal requirement, demand that drills arrangement, gym, mix to special massage wash dress Wu additionally, with etc multinomial and special requirement -- these are not normally in business affairs personage and the category that recreational guest needs.

General manager Mr Huang Dingyi of restaurant of lira of Beijing sweet case expresses to say: "We are honoured very much the government that can become Chinese tennis the 5th times to make public contest continuously appoints staying hotel.

This also is to reflect restaurant of lira of Beijing sweet case the superexcellent opportunity of outstanding service level. Always of restaurant of lira of Beijing sweet case takes the service concept of affection of affable and hospitable Asia, have good reputation and public praise, the individuation that offers a guest honour enjoying a service is us so changeless that go after. For the player people offerred high grade individuation serves, in ensuring they can be in competition ground, have on beautiful expression. In ensuring they can be in competition ground, have on beautiful expression..

During the match, the chef group with seasoned restaurant is staying player prepared health and nutrient cookbook. By chef people the burden that prepares meticulously and player of cooking square law can be thrown in the match with first-rate condition. Choosing the main reason that these dish taste is they contain rich carbohydrate and protein, these two kinds of elements are a player people the most crucial element that requires when high strenth match and training. In the cookbook that offers for the player, food of the cooked wheaten food that chef installed much money meticulously to have local color of other place of China and Asia, fresh vegetable, potato, rice and fresh fruit, your player can taste the local cate of savor Asia.

Have the experience of guests feel at home to make staying top class star, restaurant of lira of Beijing sweet case is special arranged private purser to serve for them. Private purser handles the work inside restaurant except help star, the member that still can make the conduct a sightseeing tour inside private city and shop the member that guide. Restaurant security branch also strengthened pair of restaurant administer the safety inside limits defends the work, can answer the requirement provides private bodyguard service. In the meantime, have the demand that covers alone to cooperate media group player, course of study arranged restaurant to cover area technically.
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