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Price of Beijing business affairs hotel appears small rise

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As travel off-season arrival, the reporter learns 13 days from many journey net, price of public house of town of the travel since this week begins to reduce, but suffer a few large meetings to exhibit the influence is held in Beijing, price of Beijing business affairs hotel appears small rise.

Show according to carrying Cheng net data, the hotel price that the city travels each since this week begins apparent fall after a rise, especially 3 inferior, the hotel price of the travel city such as Xiamen falls bigger. But, the price of business affairs hotel of Beijing appears little scope grows. As we have learned, beijing exhibited fastigium into initiate October, from this price of business affairs hotel appears small rise. The reporter sees on net of the journey that carry Cheng, beijing nation restaurant 11 during room of business affairs big bed is 498 yuan, present price is 780 yuan, grew 50% to control.

Li Chunmei of chief of department of market of beautiful brilliant hotel represents 5 astral step of Beijing, differ with economy hotel, hotel of the business affairs when travel busy season depreciates not to rise in price only, but the meeting of the Beijing after long holiday ends is exhibited a lot of, drive hotel prices, at this moment business affairs hotel is more popular. The personage inside course of study discloses, to the end of the month, price of hotel of class of capital fast star rises compare with ferial photograph, will achieve 40%-50% on average, first of price of hotel of the Beijing after achieving an Olympic Games high point.

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