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Brand of numerous economy hotel lifts tide of set up shop again in Wuhan

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To be in low fan period consolidate market position, come this year, brand of numerous and external economy hotel is increased in strength of Wuhan set up shop. Native land brand quickens dilate of 2 class market, desire from " the country surrounds a city " with ab extra chain the brand contends.

13 days, wuhan is the biggest bright spring day of economy hotel brand is yellow Bei store official start business. This means colourful balcony blow to march the bugle of 2 class market. Inside year, still will be in open a 3 domestic branches along with feeling of city, Huang Shi, filial piety, the branch such as big smelt metal, Jing Zhou, Xian Ning also is in the program.

Last year, brand of a few famous economy of domestic hotel, announce to will visit set up shop in Hubei in succession. But disclose inside course of study, outside if the home opened 2 branches in Yichang,be being divided, the others mostly " still do not have activity " . Meanwhile, 7 days, if the home is accelerated,be in Chinese cut down of room for action of horse race group. 7 days disclose, be in at present Chinese already had 18, still 6 are preparing to construct. If the home also expresses, still will open a Home 2-3 branch in Wuhan.

Why does native land brand point second line town? Bright spring day discloses, at present, a branch opens in second line city, property cost is less than 10 yuan / square metre. And Wuhan center the city zone, do not have 35 yuan / square metre takes no less than coming at all. Manpower cost, second line town is smaller than Wuhan center the city zone also 20% .

Call a spade a spade of many ab extra brand expresses, in second line city, native land brand takes property more convenient, more familiar place is run. It is reported, inn of yellow Bei of bright spring day tries do business 2 many months, enter on the weekend rate all amount to 100% .

In south university of politics and law of finance and economics teachs Shu Baiyang to think, compare with Wuhan photograph, although passenger flow of business affairs of 2 class city is less, but market competition is opposite weaker, return rate is high. Native land brand still should increase outspread strength, consolidate market position.

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