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Bay of brillant Fu Yi casts 600 million yuan to be about to build public house o

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On October 10, club of ball of husband of hotel of 5 stars class, Yin Haigao Er meets international newly travel of base of travel of garden of agriculture of place, Tai Kangshan, Jin Gulang goes vacationing the 4 travel project such as the area, formal autograph makes an appointment with settle brillant area 4 towns street.

Bay of brillant Fu Yi is industrial development limited company and Singapore NewStar(international) investment limited company, draft collaboration to build a business affairs to go vacationing type international hotel of 5 stars class, predicting investment exceeds 600 million RMB, the building makes an appointment with 138 meters 38 high, guest room amount 500.

And be located in Yang He to press down the silver-colored Haigaoerfu by large sanded reservoir ball club is met newly, always invest 50 million yuan. The project of garden of zoology of Tai Kangshan agriculture that is located in bright city Tai Kangshan, cover an area of about 2300 mus, draft investment 100 million multivariate. The Jin Gulang tourism that by suitable heart investment of an investment firm develops goes vacationing area, always cover an area of 1200 mus, the plan uses development of 4 years of cent period, total investment makes an appointment with 700 million yuan.

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