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Wuxi split air-conditioning insulation ignited a major hotel fire

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Yesterday, around 15:50, Wuxi City, 5th Floor, Tian Ling Hotel, suddenly caught fire, burned area larger, the scene filled with smoke. Reporters rushed to the scene and found a street scene has a dozen fire engines and parked police vehicles, on-site in Wuxi, many people wait, the reporter learned that the scene there were no casualties. Was informed by a reporter from the fire scene, fire was caused by two operatives in the demolition of a decoration when air conditioning use increases oxygen acetylene cutting, inadvertently insulation layer (should be cotton or other fibers) ignition, access to kitchen of fuel, and quickly caught fire. Fire in the layers of floor, there is a man and a woman have been successfully escape. 120 ambulance parked in front of the hotel, but no casualties.