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Heaven-sent as air tickets hotel reservations leading edge e-commerce industry

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With the development of Internet technology, people spending more and more popular online. The gradual increase in ticket e-commerce platform, network booking options are becoming increasingly diverse population. As a company engaged in the heaven-sent into the air tickets, hotel services in one of the specialized network services company for people to travel provides a more convenient platform. Incorporated into Heaven in Beijing, is a hotel reservation service, and has a secondary air ticket sales agent of specialized network services company permission to the same period, Central Administration of Civil Aviation, the International Air Transport Association, sales agent license. And met with Air China, China Southern, China Eastern, Hainan Airlines and other airlines signed all of the country sales agency agreement, in cooperation to maintain good relations of cooperation. Recently, I had to visit as a heaven-sent, to experience the divine into the service. To the heaven-sent into the company, explained what he wanted, a very warm reception we received. We see that heaven-sent into the wall, with some banners, warned about: My little negligence may give customers a great deal of trouble, my small mistakes can bring to the company and their own great loss, greed, misconduct, corruption must give yourself, family and brings shame. "Which saw staff heaven-sent as a serious and responsible attitude. Godsend into the official told us that heaven-sent into the customer has a unique concept: "the customer as a relative. To allow customers to meet, based on the possibility of moving only. Clients that the next target." To the divine into company as a whole, the customer is contacting the owner of the company, including airlines, other agents, and end consumers. In the heaven-sent into the house, work on the process the next link is a link customers, employees, customers are middle managers, employees and managers is also general manager of the customer. The interview of visitors, not only let us see the divine as employees are responsible and passionate attitude, made us realized that the heaven-sent into the unique spirit of the employees to treat customers. Demonstrates to the world a heaven-sent into the pursuit of enterprise and responsibility, I believe in a heaven-sent into the air travel services in the most valuable and special services leader.