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Asian horses stay "five-star hotel" and enjoy the "public health"

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Five-star hotel Asian Games after the horse arrived at the airport, not out of the container, but the point directly transported to the quarantine, and then stay at the "five-star hotel." The "five-star hotel" is Conghua equestrian field, there are 140 horses Stables and 40 temporary stables. Each block is divided into twenty stables around the stables, stables not only the air is good, but a large space, is 3.6 meters per stables × 3.6 m and a design of the sophisticated anti-mosquito screens, and using sound waves do not Pests with the frequency of expulsion, to ensure that no mosquitoes and parasites. In addition, Ma has also installed a cool air ventilation room fan, wooden walls and floor are laid anti-skid carpet side is also supporting the "Equine Hospital" and "Horse Bathroom . "In addition, they eat a special order from the U.S. grass horse feed exclusively for the Asian Games, air moved here, to go through strict inspection and quarantine of the horse can eat.