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University City star hotel to be built south of the motion is not related to th

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Guangzhou University City South Waterfront will transform 1.4 hectares of woodland-star hotel? 3 PM, the Guangzhou Planning Commission was held on this motion was considered, but experts in the field, leadership did not make the final vote. It is understood that involves changes in the nature of land plots located in the central area of the southern university city waterfront, near South Park and the impression of Guangdong University of the South for the water, surrounded by green space. If the hotel is completed, the city will become the only university open to the public garden-style hotel, and park and the surrounding attractions such as the formation of the Lingnan style of image coordinate Lingnan architectural community, the University City Hospitality Industry value added increased. University City in order to ensure the total green space, the axis of the motion proposed to the city Comprehensive Development University of Southern, Central Road to the north of two hectares of commercial land was replaced by green space, and this land belongs to the next theater and shopping center of the scope of the planning and construction. This would mean, green waterfront hotel will be occupied by the theater and shopping center construction site to compensate.