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Newly-married I got on ability in March the bed of others

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Doing not have money is absolutely incapable, this is the truth, behave the hour that collides directly in life and money especially. “ the weight of that one life had pressed balance left heavily go down, and right is need one crowded one crowded money talent holds life in the palm afresh. ” this is small Buddhist appear in the mouth most the analogy of figure.
Small Buddhist, female, 26 years old
[before word]
Small Buddhist sits up opposite, noonday sunshine is aspersed on her body. When the length that when her chronic ground will come loose to go up in the cheek with the right hand sends approach to arrive after ear, there can be dazzling ray to twinkle on middle finger and ring finger. On the snow-white and exquisite neck that did not grow hair cloak, a necklace is fastening a platinum to include set emerald weight. No wonder came 100000, life life also begs riches and honour, also beg riches and honour to death, so the enrages aggressive power and influence of this riches and honour unexpectedly so that this, so that let you,clear away the optional attitude to anybody rise.
After small Buddhist mouth speaks, make I foregoing trifling and overcautious by a lot of more diluent. After all years of 26 years is returned can't original and pure turn into out and out with common girl a hour envelops the queen in halo. Her soft tone and friendly look pullback my feeling to real world from inside acting the role of the infinite and wonderful daydream that taste and arises beautifully by her.
I do not work now, besides ramble bazaar, come here to drink with a few friends drink tea besides, it is to stay in the home almost, because I do not like,with a few irrelevant without fixed duties the person waits for overmuch association. This kind of life I had been been used to, but however some are tired of, not, should say I had begun to abhor this kind of vivid law, think of perhaps my life henceforth wants to be dropped with such means fritter away, I am gotten with respect to palpitate fierce, metropolis Jing awakes to give a suit cold sweat in night sometimes.
I am born in an average household, still do not calculate actually on common, will tell from economic position, those who compare poverty is in this city. Factory of a small-sized boiler is in when come off sentry duty is being done not have before my father when the worker, mom had not gone up since my begin to remember things class, because she is sick, so old be tormented so that resemble a carline of many years old 60 by kind of serious rheumatism. The family of such environments is the same as impossibly to me age the happiness that the child can get, but also cannot say to do not have happiness, think now, in me that calms and in pure family, have kind of inexpressible warmth however. Of course, also had me only now this age, when parting forever with the sort of life ability is born.
Good, still tell telling me is how from ordinary cannot again ordinary girl is between one night the experience of have a skyrocketing rise. Origin is my father in the year before last year suddenly because of heart disease occupy hospital. Through a series of after the examination, the doctor says father's heart needs to make 4 stand, otherwise, can have life risk at any time. But, to us for such family, never mention it that operation expenses of ten, the daily expenses that connects be in hospital even became the bank that be impassable, I and mom lent the kin friend that can beg, can maintain my father to be able to continue constrainedly namely. In those days my job is jockey is done on the product line of enterprise of a Han endowment, salary of every months is 600 yuan. What live in my home is south a small one-storey house of city, leaving I and mom alone first is homeless, sold the house namely also with respect to 50 thousand yuan of money, will tell to operation expenses of father, it is an utterly inadequate method in dealing with a severe situation at all.
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