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Test of the Olympic Games after straight cover of industry of tall hotel of inno

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Get the influence of Olympic Games element, the whole world can drop the central point August this year to Chinese Beijing. The Olympic Games brought a large number of stream of people for Beijing, its place accumulate contained business chance also offerred chance for the development of each industry. What ensure as Olympic Games logistics is important prop up, the influence of Olympic Games of hotel industry benefit from benefit from appears particularly apparent. Beyond question, what the Olympic Games brings to Beijing hotel industry is tremendous be benefited main body climbs the hotel room price that raise ceaselessly now. Basis " building city " the reporter is right a few days ago the house price investigation of the hotel looks during the Olympic Games, no matter be astral class hotel or hotel of chain business affairs, house price is common relatively rise at ordinary times multiple already became hasten of general trends place. Be in one round this after Olympic Games contest, the competition of times of the Olympic Games after capital hotel industry will is faced with. If why be stabilized during maintaining an Olympic Games,lead while, the can develop market of the hotel after becoming an Olympic Games to must be faced with continuously problem that achieves later stage. Dilate is carried fast during greeting an Olympic Games to be based on pair of Olympic Gameses of hotel market good anticipate, the strategic cloth that pair of Beijing markets carry out before brand of a lot of hotel is driven in the Olympic Games in succession is nodded, formed a lot of hotels to center the situation of practice before the Olympic Games kicks off thereby. According to intermediate near future of group of hotel of the travel that measure couplet releases " summary of Chinese hotel market 2008 " investigation report shows, predict Beijing hotel market added supply newly to will reach unprecedented height 2008. "We are confident to the main area of hotel industry and prospective foreground. Large-scale infrastructure construction shortened significantly viatic time of home, promoted fluidity. Coming Beijing Olympic Games, will produce far-reaching effect to Chinese economy and urban features. " say of president of division of China of group of hotel of travel of intermediate quantity couplet Mr An Ruida. In light of the amount with astral class hotel, beijing will have 9 new 5 stars form at least the hotel is thrown in succession before the Olympic Games use, pause for Hilton, Li Saika Er respectively, lira of 10 thousand a person of extraordinary powers, Suofeite, intercontinental, triumphant Yue, Bai Yue, Jun Yue, sweet case and Weisiting. In upsurge of development of this round of hotel, what brand of astral class hotel garrisons mostly is project of large and landed integrated development, and choose market of CBD, banking and the heat area such as abstruse north. Regard atmosphere of Beijing business affairs as most mature area, CBD trade group is early the contends for surely land that makes brand of each big public house. Be in especially this year, outstanding building waits in center of trade of China trade center, silver-colored peaceful center, nation, money center in group, all luxurious hotel is garrisoned. This year the beginning of the year, the Li Saika Er below division of group of international of 10 thousand a person of extraordinary powers pauses hotel and hotel of JW10000 a person of extraordinary powers are entered be stationed in China trade center. Be in China trade center nearby, group of elegant tall hotel also the 10 thousand humble that amount to all alone especially big restaurant introduces Beijing 10 thousand amount to square. Be in likewise this year, the triumphant Yue of center of the hotel of Beijing rich Li Moli that is located in rich force city, Yintai in new site of hotel of Bai Yue of top class brand, CCTV exceed center of money of hotel of 5 stars class, Beijing to exceed center of trade of hotel of intercontinental of 5 stars class, nation 3, the hotel of new start business of CBD area reachs a climax this year. Apparent, group of each big public house more it is the huge market potential that values Olympic Games place to bring. The grand occasion that this whole world fixes eyes on drove the economy of Beijing to develop not only, also be an opportunity that tourism of stimulative whole nation expands. Saw Beijing's huge travel market just about, economy hotel also undertook large-scale dilate in Beijing before the Olympic Games. Zheng Nayan of CEO of hotel of 7 days of chain ever disclosed to media: "Target of 7 days is to be in the dimensions that a 20 domestic store opened in Beijing before the Olympic Games 2008, recieve ability to also will reach 2000 guest room. " " the drawing near as the Olympic Games, the tourist of world each district will come to China. Already began to rise busily as the capital hotel industry that welcomes main force, this brings huge to promote action to the development of hotel industry. " say of Mr Anruida. During house price investigates an Olympic Games during the Olympic Games, more or less is can going up after all about price of room of Beijing hotel market social attention focus all the time. Actually, be in early this year the beginning of the year, hotel of class of very much fast star go up considerably in succession the hotel price during moving an Olympic Games, the price of some hotels rises be as high as 500% even. In the distance the Olympic Games begins to still be less than the time of a month, the reporter made an appointment with a hotel to undertake investigating in the house price during the Olympic Games to autograph of partial Olympic Games. Reporter discovery, during the Olympic Games, no matter be astral class hotel or hotel of chain business affairs, house price rose mostly 4-5 times. The reporter makes an appointment with a hotel from Olympic Games autograph old hotel understands the Chang'an Dai Si of 5 stars class, the price between the standard July is 718 yuan a day, arrived 5 days on August 1, the price between the standard has risen 2080 yuan one day. And what discount price is 658 yuan is luxurious, between 988 yuan administration, go up to respectively during the Olympic Games 3780 yuan, 5080 yuan, whole goes up in 5 times the left and right sides. And autograph of another Olympic Games makes an appointment with a hotel the Beijing famous person of 5 stars class is old the standard room of the hotel everyday price achieved 9000 yuan of RMBs. As we have learned, the standard room of hotel of renown National People's Congress is common every everyday price is in 3600 yuan of RMBs. Be informed from inside hotel salesperson mouth, the house with at present major public house already was united to be ordered by the Olympic Games Organizing Committee, the little part that remain is in charge of directly by sale ministry. "The room of the hotel already booked one sky entirely before August 10, estimate to go up surely likely after August 10. Book at present should one-time clear room cost, and midway retreats a room to won't return imprest. " this salesperson expresses. As we have learned, because want to entertain each country and each district to watch the honoured guest of contest to Beijing, one much had been booked before BOCOG is early the guest room of hotel of 5 stars class, mix plus partial group medicinal powder of the guest book, at present of this part hotel book rate had comparatived tall, the price appears multiple growth also is in reason. Already began to accept the other Olympic Games Organizing Committee that book to sign the condition that arranges a hotel likewise roughly similar. "Now we during remnant can accept an Olympic Games between mark of a few administration book, house price is 6000 yuan of RMBs / late, " guest room of hotel of Beijing human relations books department staff to be opposite the inquiry of house price answers during the Olympic Games. This is located in east the hotel of 4 stars class on Chang'an Street, at present the quote between administrative mark is 1200 yuan / late. The newest data that comes from intermediate to measure couplet to go first produces the prices of instantly hotel market from another flank report. According to travel of intermediate quantity couplet newest data shows, 5 astral class hotels of Beijing average room price carries day the 6th year continuously growth momentum, amplitude was amounted to 2007 3.5% . In side of hotel of 4 stars class, day can rent guest room income grew respectively average room price and every 10% with 8% , achieve the history new tall. To economy hotel, during the Olympic Games the star of river of such as bright and beautiful, if the home is quick,waited for a hotel to be hanged in succession rise in price card. It is reported, the price of house of astral hotel Olympic Games of bright and beautiful river rose 1199 yuan / late; If the home is quick,inn of Ya Yun Cun is more with 1999 yuan / late price Gao Jubang head, its are additional the price of store of village of an Olympic Games is 1599 yuan / late. How does Olympic Games times develop after relative to the fiery at market of current capital hotel, how does industry of the hotel after the Olympic Games passes grow to already made the central point that pays close attention to inside course of study. Enter the Beijing hotel market that supplies fastigium already this year, already centered emerge in large numbers to give a large number of new store before the Olympic Games. Those who be worth concern is, whether can the market demand of the hotel after the Olympic Games appear to drop significantly, whether can hotel earnings still maintain growth momentum? After the Olympic Games ends, capital hotel market whether induct so many supply effectively to avoid a hotel to appear thereby a large number of empty buy already made brand of each big public house hard evasive problem. Future, the market test of times of the Olympic Games after hotel market will be greeted. In group of hotel of travel of intermediate quantity couplet Wu Jia of senior vice president is protected look, the long-term development foreground to Beijing hotel still optimistic mood. "Beijing field predicts to will have more than 12, investment of guest room of hotel of many 000 international management is used. Although short-term inside add guest room newly to will be opposite constituted constant pressure evenly with the supply and demand 2010 2009, but from will for a long time look, industry of hotel of the Beijing after the Olympic Games still fills latent capacity. " Wu Jia protects say. Below the trend that is valued for a long time in Chinese hotel market, hind the arrival of Olympic Games times wears direct test the management of market of astral class hotel and development. Because a few years the integral outstanding achievement of hotel market looked once upon a time, chinese hotel industry is in gain ability aspect is only the gain circumstance of hotel of 5 stars class is carrying good state, a lot of 2, 3, hotel of 4 stars class has appeared the phenomenon of deficit. Can last what want to acquire a hotel development, get the long-term gain of hotel market. To investment business, must want to one cover perfect investment strategy system above all. As the ceaseless maturity of hotel estate market, tell from investment strategy, investment is at present luxurious hotel pay back period is longer, outstanding achievement grows relatively delay, those representing capital must have abundant financing to be guarantor card. To economy hotel, from the point of market level, economy hotel presents the trend of mad dilate. According to statistic, to the end of 2007, brand of chain of Chinese economy hotel already was amounted to 100 many, speed of partial brand dilate is achieved 200% . The mad dilate of the industry drove property cost to rise continuously, then the blind investment, competition that do not have foreword, cost raised the development that waits for a problem to give economy hotel to bring huge pressure. Although short-term demand can raise level of hotel short-term gain during the Olympic Games, but the market consumption demand that stabilizes for a long time just is the foundation that hotel market survives. Drive in what each old brand economy hotel borrows machine Olympic Games to accelerate development under, a few former operation not pallet hostel, small inn also is in beautiful establishment to producing change sadly, the idea that borrows economy hotel undertakes packing. But, this kind of hotel differs with real economy hotel on soft hardware very far. The operator of a lot of economy hotel says frankly, brief Olympic Games is not the market that they value, the machine that heats up the primary purpose that fries all sorts of concepts to still depend on borrowing the Olympic Games enlarges an influence to open the market. After ending when the Olympic Games, guest of little business affairs is mixed in numerous sightseeing is recreational the mainstream passenger source that the tourist will become economy public house. To satisfy the need of this kind of crowd, economy hotel must want to have his distinguishing feature. Each hotel should cultivate the market with selling a site brightly, in order to avoid hind the awkwardness of Olympic Games times. After the Olympic Games, chinese economy hotel is faced with the conformity of the industry below intense market competition. Future, monomer or miniature economy hotel is faced with likely live the crisis, must closing down or be bought in the center undertake choosing, and of a few old economy hotel get army the competitive product that brand criterion can turn through making difference, come occupational more market share. Origin: Network of Chinese industry research

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