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New rural area of development of tourism of main stimulative rural area and soci

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In recent years, suzhou city leads in what scientific progress watchs, hold to " with brigade hurried farming, aid with brigade farming, with brigade kulak " , urge rustic travel demonstrative dot and construction of travel a wide place in the road in the round, exploration gave new rural area of development of a tourism and socialism to build interactive and hand-in-hand new approach. Current, travel of this city countryside recieves a number year all grow 30% to control, accumulative total is amounted to welcome a visitor 28.2 million person-time, implementation travel income 4.5 billion yuan, induct rural labor obtain employment 100 thousand more than person, drive relevant industry to realize income 22.5 billion yuan, to accelerate socialism construction developed new rural area to urge action distinctly.

(one) key breakthrough, integral promotion, development countryside travel drives rural construction. According to " with farming for form, with happy for fetch, with rich for this " guiding ideology, develop rustic tourism energetically, exert oneself drives new rural area to build. It is with founding demonstrative dot to drive new rural area is built. Pay a focal point, seek a breakthrough, strive for various government actively support energetically and policy guiding, encourage villages and towns and farmer to be participated in actively, establish demonstrative point of countrywide agriculture travel with all one's strength. Current, demonstrative dot of travel of agriculture of 22 whole nations of this city was become entirely " manufacturing development, life civilization of wind of rich, countryside, village allows democracy of neat, management " new rural area builds demonstrative point, set an example, drive action to be shown increasingly. 2 it is with link up with connection drives new rural area to build. Establish job of travel of development countryside characteristic technically to head a group, and " tourism and photograph of construction of new rural area join a project " the serious content that works as various and departmental door. According to " adjust measures to local conditions, one village one plan " requirement, make clear responsibility mechanism, fulfil a side to help the task up, pick direction of accurate main attack and level focal point, develop rustic travel in order to assist the village such as alley of 3 hill, land, Yao Na to be breach, drive construction of new rural area to each job spreads out in the round and be advanced quickly, became tourism and new rural area to build interactive and hand-in-hand example village. 3 it is with countryside travel project drives construction of new rural area. Project of development characteristic travel already became this city to accelerate the main carrier that socialistic new rural area builds and grasper. Come two years, strive for project of province, city to lead fund in all 12.2 million yuan, build project of travel of dimensions countryside characteristic 124, already built, in build rustic travel area to nod 58, always invest nearly 6.9 billion yuan. Drive in what the project builds, the driving force that new rural area builds increases apparently, the appearance of new rural area is being shown stage by stage.
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