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Autumn hand in meeting be about to open tourism of industry of gong Guangdong ho

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Author: Is it possible that He Yushan

In new network Guangzhou on October 7 report (reporter is it possible that reporter He Yushan) Guangzhou this year autumn hand in meeting general to opened gong on October 15, differ with circumstance of in former years, this year autumn meet meeting first time cent is 3 period hold, and all exhibition moves division comes Pa continent exhibits a house. The reporter arrives 7 days from local hotel industry and knowledge of travel agent job, because world economy condition is at present stagnant, tourism of Guangdong hotel industry is right this year autumn hand in meeting reaction calm.

Express according to local hotel industry and public figure of travel agent trade, from uptodate reception the circumstance looks, this year autumn make the travelling merchant number of the meeting than last year the corresponding period is decreased slightly.

Travel agent predicts, undertake through this company autumn the amount that pays conference room to book is compared about the 3000 rooms evening of the corresponding period was added slightly last year 10% the left and right sides, price and kept balance last year; And enter a country swimming number falls slightly 10% , 20% , price also is to drop 10% , 30% differ; Tourism group warns a citizen, as a result of autumn the airline ticket that joins the meeting after can be being begun to drive domestic line rises in price, especially and other places of Beijing, Shanghai, travel price also can rise 400, 800 yuan differ, but a few specific dates, still can have bigger favourable range, reason reminds the citizen of intended go on a journey the attention chooses the opportune moment of accurate go on a journey.

Each circumstance that big public house books a room shows, booking a circumstance overally is not very enthusiastic, and because this year autumn hand in the exhibition period cent of the meeting to be 3 period, the time that books a room so is more dispersive also, but temporary circumstance, the guest that still reserves hotel of first phase is more, occupied already booked total number 60% the left and right sides. Among them, reserve hotel of fast star class, be like 5 stars hotel, occupied much with the guest that reserves SamSung economy hotel; Because book a circumstance,not be very ideal, so the price of the hotel is mixed the corresponding period kept balance last year, the hotel of SamSung is commonly 1000, 1200 yuan, 4 stars are 1500, 1600 yuan, and 5 stars are controlled 2000 yuan namely. Be like garden cafe, quote is 1990 yuan during advanced room Fair, and to attract passenger source, the hotel can give Western-style breakfast; Additional, exhibit this year the 3rd period, house price of whole has fallen to ferial level.

The reporter understands, suffer depression of world economy environment to affect, this year autumn hand in what can drive to enter a country swim to did not see big heat, enter a country swim the price of circuit already appeared fall. From the point of the travel circuitry that already signed up, the travel line that has characteristic of the culture austral mountain and Na Yuefeng light is the most welcome, have the line of typical Guangzhou characteristic especially.
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