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Lin Shusen grows the talk on congress in industry of travel of the 3rd Guizhou

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According to " harmony of construction zoology civilization, development travels " requirement, hold through saving what brigade sends congress the 3rd times, tourism of Guizhou southeast city develops the job to should be complete province to create experience in the following respects. Strengthen the tourism infrastructure that attachs most importance to a dot with traffic to build energetically. Promoting what scene area accessibility and travel recieve a level to increase travel activity hard is the shift of dimensional position of the person, the accessibility of a place and the traffic that enter this place carry means to produce main effect to the development of local tourism, the every time that the traffic on the history carries changes to having main effect to the change of people travel form. In modern traffic carriage system, railroad serves as in traffic of Sunday run travel carries kind, have volume big, speed fast, cost and freight rate are low, round-the-clock carriage characteristic, in railroad carriage system compares the country that develop and area, railroad is carried often is travel especially the main traffic that home travels carries kind. Highway transportation has for emergency use the characteristic with relatively low cost of agile, passenger transport, agree with the need that stone's throw travel carries. Current, infrastructure of transportation of Guizhou southeast city is built still relatively lag, after wide fast railroad builds Duan Hegui of Guizhou of Dan Sharong freeway, arrive from Guangzhou southeast Guizhou city border land, need to be less than 3 hours only by train, need the left and right sides 6 hours only by the car, the passenger source market that will widen travel southeast Guizhou greatly undoubtedly, quicken the development pace of Guizhou southeast tourism significantly. Guizhou southeast city should cooperate relevant section and area actively cogent had caught project of these two swift passages carry out, strive to build at an early date, early eye is benefited. In the meantime, the program that should pay tourism of good passageway along the line to develop and construction, the sightseeing road that makes these two swift passages become Guizhou southeast state truly, become rich road. On this foundation, want to insist to highlight the fundamental of key, do according to one's abilities, carry out what Luo Xiang makes the same score highway project to goosefoot as current the focal point that the freeway builds entire administrative division will catch, perfect program of framework road network scientificly reasonably, county of progressively implementation county knows the cause of the freeway. Guizhou southeast city puts forward, combine rustic highway construction and travel highway construction, bind the capital of each respect use, with one action completes the construction of highway of line of link of travel of entire administrative division, this is a very good idea, right short-term inside traffic condition of traffic of travel of ameliorative entire administrative division has main effect, active support will give to this in the province.
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