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New long holiday shortens program of influence go on a journey

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Desolate " of travel agent " leaves the country swim the market

"Golden week around, majority is managed leave the country swimming travel agent reduction sale partial route. "Yesterday, the personage inside course of study discloses, this golden week leaves the country swim before circuit sale does not resemble of expect hot, not only without situation of " of occurrence " blowout, be in instead 11 " of " around, travel agent protects this " for " , made partial line 5 fold sell.

"Because leave the country,swim the market is flat, inside course of study have generally ' the year's harvest is bad this year the view of ' . "Sun Lichan of manager of department of market of Hua Yuanguo force tells a reporter, "From at present statistical case looks, leave the country swimming amount dropped than last year about 20% . "Most capital travel agent the personage inside course of study thinks, of new off system carry out, brought many small long holidays, swim to short distance of Beijing outing, home very large area moves action. But leave the country You Fang face, because cancelled 7 days to grow a holiday, the New year holidays that take salary was not carried out in entire company, a lot of tourists cannot plan cycle of go on a journey to leave the country longerly circuit; Plus be dropped by the stock market, the influence that prices rises, the travel that belongs to wasteful spending also is laid aside by people again and again.

"There is blowout ' after ' Olympic Games, the height of go on a journey that forecast agrees inside this course of study, because a lot of element is affected, did not come. "Ding Ding of manager of department of market of force of bamboo garden nation expresses, "Travel agent appeared to hit even before 11 ' of ' fold reduction sale to leave the country swimming phenomenon, some circuitry are sold with airline ticket cost price merely. "Ding Ding discloses, here the situation falls, travel agent is mostly right of next year leave the country swim not to cherish too much hope. "Old line has done ' to appear ' , the United States that new competitive feature may give to just be opened this year now swims and Chinese Taiwan swims on the market. Additional, the island that suits small long holiday swims, also get on the market in next year to cut a figure further, many new island swim destination is opened probably in a large-scale to Chinese market in next year. "(reporter Wu Jingyan)

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